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Trade Paperback
40 pages
Aug 2010
Mick Art Productions

The Silent Knight Of Wordishure

by Mick McArt

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The Silent Knight of Wordishure by Mick McArt is a book that has a clever concept but unfortunately suffers from a limited scope of editorial input. As a self-published book, it is a one-man operation and lacks the professionalism found in children's picture books produced by major publishing houses. For instance, it desperately needs to be copyedited. The book is rampant with split infinitives and shifting points of view. The artwork is colored pencil line drawings that cannot compete with the gorgeous watercolor portraits found in mainstream children's books, such as those produced by ZonderKidz and Concordia. Additionally, the story itself lacks a specific genre, for it offers aspects of the biblical Christmas story, but mixed in are elements of fantasy, such as flying dragons and talking turtles.

The book's theme of a child accepting a noble quest and desiring to serve the Lord is a worthy concept, but the weaknesses in editorial content and lack of professional presentation lower my recommendation for young readers. Dr. Dennis E. Hensley,

Book Jacket:

It is an important day in the Land of Wordishure. The King has sent out a request for a knight to deliver a very special gift. Will a young boy named Isaac be chosen to deliver it? And will he be able to finish his quest before sunset?

Children of all ages will enjoy reading this tale of Isaac and his adventures while trying to become a knight in the land of Wordishure, where God's Word is sure.