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96 pages
May 2010
Joggling Board Press

The Unexpected Visitor

by N. B. Baroody

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The Unexpected Visitor, complied by N.B. Baroody and M.H. Baroody, is a collection of black and white photos mixed with appropriate quotes, Bible verses, and narration. N.B. Baroody contributed the photography, and his wife Margaret (M.H.) wrote much of the narrative. Throughout this collection of photos, the authors reveal pieces of their own story as a couple.

Each photograph shows a subtle balance between light and shadow, which is reflected in the accompanying verses and quotes. The care with which the words were chosen is evident. The language used is both appropriate and thought-provoking. Readers may be tempted to skim through this book quickly, but to enjoy it fully they must slow down and examine each picture carefully, thinking about the messages being given. In doing so, they will gain a sense of closeness both to the authors and to God, the true unexpected Visitor. This book is a lovely depiction of quiet moments in life where God shows up unexpectedly and serves as a gentle reminder that He is always near. As Leviticus 26:12 says, I will walk among you and be your God and you will be my people. Ruth Anne Burrell,

Book Jacket:

The Unexpected Visitor is a stunning collection of black and white photographs taken over a period of more than half a century by physician N.B. Baroody. He combines his passion for photography with the wonderment of the creative act in a way that is universally inspirational. Baroody studied with Ansel Adams an association that left an imprint that is abundantly evident in his work. Baroody s mastery of the medium has allowed him to produce images that are as arresting as they are flawless. In an odd way, Baroody s technical skills skills that guide him on how to work with light and frame a composition have permitted something much more ephemeral, even surprising, to occur the unbidden moment. Baroody and his wife Margaret describe these unbidden moments, when the presence of God is revealed in the photograph, as the presence of The Unexpected Visitor.