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40 pages
Oct 2009
Heart to Heart Publishing

Sweet Sister, Don't Be Afraid

by Karen Green

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Sweet Sister, Donít Be Afraid comes from an author who trusts the Lord and remembers childhood fears. This is a reality-based story. Big sister Susie wonders if little sister Annie will ďever be able to go to bed again without crying.Ē Scary stories from older cousins start Annieís night fears. Tonight there is a terrible storm outside. Mommy and Daddy are busy elsewhere. The baby sitter is asleep. It is up to Susie to figure out how to still Annieís terrible fears. Remembering her Sunday school lesson, Susie gets Annie to help her call out to God for help in Jesusí name. Peace comes quickly. Jesus and His angels are right there with the two girls and fear disappears. Mommy and Daddy come home to two happy girls.

Karen Vause Green brings much experience to this, her first book. She is a registered nurse, health instructor, preschool teacher and day care operator. Having learned to hand her own fears to God and to help her pre-school charges to do so, Green knows what she is writing about. A retired elementary and art teacher, as well as grandmother, Mona Larkins produces ingenuous, vividly alive illustrations. As the girls speak out in faith the happy, child-like angels begin to appear. Half-way through the narrative, there is a two-page spread of fear-relieving scriptures all parents and children can pray. When the girls feel the presence of God, a tender, loving, fatherly Jesus appears in the illustrations, surrounding Susie and Annie with love. As an epilogue to Sweet Sister, Green has some words for parents about nighttime fears. A close, bonding experience awaits you when you cuddle a child on your lap and share this story. Ė Donna Eggett,

Editorís note: Some Christian parents may not be happy with so many angels, especially depicted as children rather than Godís warrior host. Parents should view the screenshots available on the authorís website to judge for themselves.

Book Jacket:

Children of all ages will be comforted by this inspiring and beautiful book. The delightful story of two sisters teaches in a sweet and simple way through powerful examples how to overcome fear by using God's Word and how to pray in times of crisis. Sweet Sister Don't Be Afraid is a precious answer for any child who struggles with nightmares, night terrors or any anxiety filled situation. Learn how to obtain comfort, peace and joy through victory over fear.