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144 pages
Oct 2010
One Way Books

Footsteps of St. Peter

by Mac McConnell

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Mac McConnell's book, Footsteps of St. Peter: The Early Years, chronicles the formative years of Simon Peter. Set alongside the Sea of Galilee, we are invited to peer into the life of this beloved fisherman. McConnell gives us a glimpse of what his life might have looked like and some difficulties Peter faced as a youngster. If weather was bad, fishermen had to go out on the sea anyway. If the sun was blazing hot, the winds were fierce, or the sky was overcast, fishermen had to brave the conditions and still attempt to make a living. Additionally, the work was never over, for even on shore there were nets to mend, boats to repair, fish to clean, bait to secure, and sails to patch. Add to that the trips to market to sell the fish, and you realize that survival for a person like Peter was a continuous challenge from youth to later years.

Mac McConnell is the founder of One Way Productions and One Way Books. His one-man dramas have been performed more than 600 times. His tale answers questions we might have about Simon Peter. He has written a three-book series on Peter that chronicles his life.

McConnell wrote this novella as a constant dialogue, which makes it confusing at times. I felt that it jumped around, so I sometimes was lost as to what was happening. However, I appreciated the first person narrative, because it put me right in the mind of Peter. I could have been sitting right next to him listening to his story. I think this book would be a good piece of entertainment and a good lesson in history for anyone curious about the Apostle Peter and his entire life. Mindy T. Kreilein,

Book Jacket:

The Early Years of the renown fisherman and most famous disciple was anything but saintly. The son of a demanding father was thrust into manhood and denounced his faith by the age of thirteen. Book I of the Judean Chronicles reveals an unlikely candidate to fall for the new messiah, much less follow him, as he and god were not on speaking terms.