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192 pages
Mar 2008
Baker Tritten Press

Where Would Cows Hide?

by D.C. Stewart

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Brad and Charlie Parker are identical eleven year old twins, sons of Anthony and Jeanette, and brothers to Zoey, who is 8 years old. The twins are different in their personalities, Charlie being overly zealous in seeking adventure, while Brad is the more cautious and analytical one.

Zoey has a "gift" which seems to include God talking directly to her, giving her directions and insight into future happenings. She is precocious, sweet and loves her brothers.

The parents are going to Hawaii for two weeks, but the children are staying with their paternal grandparents during this time, and are thankful for that, since they are used to going to Oklahoma every summer, and the twins considered that the "ranch was the closest thing to heaven they could imagine." (9)

Much happens during the children's stay, including the theft of cattle going on in the town of Wheaton, with Grandpa Parker being one of the victims. The twins work together in solving the mystery of where cattle thieves would hide the bulls and calves from the time they are taken at night until they are shipped somewhere the next day. The angles and methods the boys use are sometimes more grownup than their ages , as can the words they speak.

The author pays lots of attention to detail, sometimes too much, and has the boys in situations that might seem too intricate for their age, also.

Zoey is not a major character, but her "gift" keeps the story going, and she plays a large role in the ending. Her brothers are reminded that prayer plays a very important part in their lives.Where Would Cows Hide may be a good read for 8-10 year olds. -- Sharon Rideout,

Book Jacket:

The Parker twins, Brad and Charlie, didn't want to join their parents on vacation in Hawaii. A little sister can be annoying, but little sister, Zoey, was over the top. "The three of us aren't going to Hawaii," she told them. Her parents were shocked by her statement even though it was true. This was not the first time Zoey offered surprising knowledge of future events, nor would it be the last. Arriving at their grandparent's cattle ranch in Oklahoma, the twins learn of the disappearance of cattle from the ranch. This knowledge would set of a series of events that would challenge any detective. There were the mysterious neighbors, the strange lady at church, a psychic lazy dog, and a weird little sister to keep the twins totally confused in their efforts to solve this strange mystery.