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Trade Paperback
396 pages
Nov 2006
Breakneck Books

Violent Sands

by Sean Young

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Violent Sands by Sean Young is a romantic suspense novel depicting the life of Barabbas, the Zealot, after he was released by Pilate in exchange for the life of Jesus of Nazareth.

Barabbas’ deepest desire is to see Israel released from Roman bondage and to avenge his father and brother who were viciously killed by the Romans. He is a man who kills without hesitation for “the cause.” But he is also a man that can be trusted to fulfill any obligation he takes on. When Nathaniel, an Essene, gives him the responsibility of guarding a sacred copper scroll, Barabbas risks his life to guard the scroll and the treasure it reveals.

Barabbas makes many enemies with his exploits. Among them is Gaius, a Roman centurion, whom he seems to continually outwit. Even though Barabbas is pardoned by Pilate, Gaius knows it is only a matter of time before Barabbas is again on the Romans’ “most wanted” list. Eleazor, another zealot, becomes Barabbas’ enemy when his greed causes him to put the safety of the copper scroll and the zealots in jeopardy.

When Barabbas has a chance meeting with Leila, the daughter of Zechariah, a merchant, he is immediately smitten with her beauty and quiet ways. However, she is rich and a Christian, two things that can keep them apart. Will Barabbas let that stop him? Can he avoid Gaius and his soldiers to stay alive to marry Leila? What about Miyka’el, another wealthy merchant who wants to marry Leila?

Young’s detailed descriptions on the territory around Jerusalem and the zealots operations are great! Be aware, he also is very graphic in his depictions of killings. This story will keep you on the edge of your seat as you wait to see if Barabbas lives to marry his dear Leila—if she is still available. Can he protect the copper scroll and treasure from Eleazor and the Romans? Can he quiet the still, small voice inside him that brings to mind the words of Jesus on the cross and the changes he has seen in those who have accepted the way of the Nazarene?

This is a book full of action and suspense set in the first years of the early church. My only complaint must be that he needs to have better proofreaders, as there were many misspelled words and many words left out. Otherwise, it is a great adventure book for adult readers. – Linda Demorest, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

THE SCROLL WILL DESTROY... For generations, the copper scroll has remained buried, concealing the treasure it protects and the prophecy it contains. Now that secret is about to be unleashed. In the right hands, the scroll could bring about ancient Israel's freedom from Roman occupation, but used improperly, it could destroy her. EVERYTHING THE MAN KNOWS... After watching Roman soldiers murder his father and pillage his homeland, Barabbas, a warrior zealot and sworn protector of the scroll, has become a broken man, physically and emotionally. His quest for vengeance and Roman blood, his love for a peace loving woman, and his commitment to the mysterious scroll pull him in vastly different directions. AND HE WILL BE KILLED... Death and betrayal loom around every corner as Barabbas searches for a truth that he has yet to fully understand-the force that drives him forward and ultimately requests the ultimate sacrifice to be made by a man. OR REMADE.