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Trade Paperback
384 pages
Sep 2006
Emerald Pointe Books

Then Came Faith

by Louise M. Gouge

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Louise M. Gouge’s Then Came Faith is the story of a courtship, as a man and woman fall in love but are nearly separated by circumstances. Also woven into this tale is a social commentary about a war-torn nation trying to regain national identity. Then Came Faith is both a romance for the American history lover and a history lesson for the romantics.

Using deft but lively language, Gouge shows readers the hard road faced by America after the Civil War. She evidences a good grasp of what the issues were, and how they could have been dealt with by different people in different ways. Both sides have a say in the story, as the author places two young people together who come from opposite ends of the political spectrum. They portray a very real picture of the issues between their viewpoints, as they live a romance that the reader experiences along with them.

The remarkable point about Then Came Faith is not the writing or the storyline, though they are both well done. It is the Christian faith that Gouge’s characters embody and inspire in each other. Books in which prayer sounds natural are few and far between; however, this book does it well. Christian readers will appreciate the genuine faith depicted in each character.

Gouge has written award-winning books in the past, so it is no surprise for this one to be well-written and complex. Interest in her characters holds steadily throughout the novel, all the while historical details teach readers about the time period.

Christian readers, especially lovers of romance and history, will enjoy this novel. Gouge has united the story and the history together with the faith of the characters in a way that is seamless and natural. It is a first in a series, so readers can expect more where this came from. It would be hard, indeed, to make a more interesting beginning. – Linette Yoder, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

An edgy novel that runs many parallels with the current day tragedy of Katrina to the aftermath of the Civil War. Moreover, this gritty novel from a gifted writer addressees the greater healing that begins in life, when we are courageous enough to lay aside our preconceived notions and personal prejudices.

The Civil War is over; Elizabeth wants to help the South heal and repent of its past…Andre swears never to forgive the North for what they did to his family.

Elizabeth has traveled to this war-ravaged city to minister to the people devastated by the conflict—having been a strict abolitionist who was part of the Underground Railroad—she seeks to help the South understand the transgression of slavery. Andre and Elizabeth’s attraction is immediate and obvious, but they quickly discover how diverse two people can be in their values and beliefs.

Even in the midst of their warring points of view, Andre cannot help but notice Elizabeth’s courage and resilience—and remarkable impact—in the face of fierce opposition. Through the commitment of three former slaves, he discovers secrets from his family’s past that force him to face head on his own views of the intrinsic worth and dignity of all people.