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Trade Paperback
356 pages
Nov 2006

Jesus in a New Age, Dalai Lama World

by M. Tsering with David Housholder

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Unique. Useful. Eye Opening. Engrossing. Jesus in a New Age, Dalai Lama World is all this and more. In 1949, famed American journalist Lowell Thomas visited war-threatened Tibet. His impact on Tibet and Tibetans was deep and startling. Among those who heard Thomas was the author of this book, a Buddhist monk at the time, M. Tsering. The impact was so deep that Tsering set out on a trek into India. In Darjeeling, he received a Bible in his language. In 1955, Tsering was baptized as a Christian. With this singular background Tsering is eminently qualified to write about effectively witnessing to Buddhists.

Jesus in a New Age opens with an magnetic account of the history of Inner Asia, Tibet, and Tibetan Buddhism. This is followed by an equally gripping account of the history of Christianity in that area from the fifth century to modern times. Tsering then discusses Buddhism comparing it to Christianity. From this basis, Tsering embarks on his main theme: learning to effectively witness to Buddhists. The author knows from personal experience, as well as historical evidence, that when speaking with those from very different backgrounds the message of Godís love in Christ can run Ďafoul of double meanings and cultural taboosí which make nonsense of the Gospel Ė the result being misconception and ineffective witnessing (p. 11).

This book is a massive help to those who witness to Buddhists, but it has a much larger application. The ideas about witnessing expounded can be transferred to cross-cultural witnessing with any group of people, from the village next to you to the opposite side of the world. Jesus in a New Age may not be popular with those who equate Americanism with Christianity. However, it remains always true to our Lord (who was of a very different culture than middle-class American), stands firmly on Godís Word, and gives glory to the one true God.

On many levels, I greatly enjoyed reading this book. Four of those levels are: a history volume; rejoicing in how the Lord reaches all people; learning more about sharing my witness with those who need it; and facing cultural roadblocks in my life. I recommend this book to everyone with an open heart for the Lordís work. Ė Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Buddhist beliefs impact the world. Its teachings are found in todays media, entertainment, education, government and other places where Christians interact. How can Christians defend their faith in the face of New Age, Tibetan Buddhist thinking? How can the Church reach out and share the Gospel in ways that Buddhists will understand? "Jesus in a New Age Dalai Lama World" reveals how a clear understanding of Tibetan Buddhist beliefs can help Christians live out the life of Christ in ways that Buddhists will appreciate. Using the approach of the Apostle Paul to the Athenians, this book is especially valuable for Christians who interact with Tibetan Buddhist beliefs in the West, or who work abroad. Missionaries, students, churches, or anyone who needs a practical approach to defend or share Christ in the Tibetan Buddhist World will powerfully benefit from this book.