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214 pages
Oct 2005
The Olive Press

A Teachable Faith: Learning from God in Everyday Life

by Jennifer Sands

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To say that losing her husband, Jim Sands, on 9/11 in a terrorist attack changed Jennifer Sands life would be an understatement. In her second book, A Teachable Faith: Learning from God in Everyday Life, Jennifer takes you on a journey. It was a spiritual journey that touched my life. The author also touches lives through her speaking programs, TV, and radio appearances.

Jennifer’s book is filled with lessons learned, pain felt, finding a new direction, amazing stories of coincidence (or are they?), crises that build character and strength, and what it sometimes takes to make us teachable. She shares a powerful thought, “God gave us the ability to make choices, we sometimes choose our way over His. But if we do that, our web will never get rebuilt, and we will continue to live in fear and darkness, never really moving out from behind that loose shingle, never discovering the exciting things that God has up His sleeve for us.” She writes with humility, honesty that is relatable. I think this (now part-time) Pharmacist who has expanded her life through a gift for speaking and writing has surprised even herself with all that she has to share.

Whether you have experience a great loss, don’t know what God has in store for you, or want to find meaning in your life, you will glean from Jennifer’s experience like I did. Jennifer’s life changed when she stopped fitting God into her life, and made as she described it “spacious room” for Him. – Debra S. Murphy, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Jennifer's husband Jim didn't come home on 9/11, and her life was forever changed. Yet she would come to realize a new life in a new way far beyond anything she could have imagined. Jennifer's bitterness and anger at God actually became proof that she still believed in Him. Her faith, although badly shaken, was still alive. She came through the blows of a pounding spiritual firestorm that poisoned her faith and suffocated her relationship with God... but she eventually submitted to God's will. She placed her life and her future in His hands... she discovered a tempered faith.

Now, in A Teachable Faith, Jennifer passionately shares what God has taught her since she emerged from that firestorm. She speaks of her own struggles and foibles with lighthearted candor. Jennifer's powerful and universal message - that trials can be overcome through faith and trust in God - will touch all readers who have suffered through challenges, crisis, loss, and pain.

You will discover -- as Jennifer has -- that God is always preparing us... He is always empowering us... He is always enabling us... He is always equipping us. In everyday life, God teaches us