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Trade Paperback
128 pages
Feb 2005
Riott Publishing

Work Excellence: A Biblical Perspective of Work

by Charles Garriott

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This little 114-page paperback book can be read in less than two hours’ time. Large portions of it are italicized reprinted portions of the Old and New Testament; each of the 11 chapters has one page that is nothing but a short paragraph prayer; and each chapter ends with a page of four or five self-examination questions. In short, the book is already short, and, even then, it has a lot of white space on pages and filler material.

Nevertheless, there are some nuggets of wisdom found between these covers. Reverend Garriott has been a manual laborer, student, husband and father of four children, senior pastor of a large Presbyterian church in Oklahoma City, foreign missionary, professional counselor, and church planter. His range of experiences has given him some wise perspectives on work and some anecdotes borne out of personal life incidents.

Garriott’s views on rest are wise counsel in an era of everyone rushing pell-mell to spend more, earn more, buy more. He explains God’s plan for rejuvenation, recovery, and relaxation. He shows how a change of pace, a time of worship, and a discipline of setting one day a week aside for homage to God can restore the mind, body, and certainly the soul.

Garriott is also adamant about giving God credit for personal achievements. Many times, he points out, people will revel in being “a self-man man” or in “having pulled myself up by my own bootstraps.” However, the Scriptures say that it is God who provides blessing, protection, and prosperity. Yes, work is required, but unless it is done unto the Lord, it is temporary and tenuous at best.

Drawing from biblical examples and current illustrations, Garriott provides a solid base for understanding God’s perspectives on work. There is nothing new or startling found in this book, but it is well organized, easy to read, and scripturally sound. It would make a good present for a high school graduate or a good handbook for a one-month weekly home Bible study group. -- Dr. Dennis E. Hensley, professor of English, Taylor University Fort Wayne

Book Jacket:

What people, land, or culture does not see the importance of work? Being productive is as much a part of life as the air we breathe. As children, we have all been asked that frequent question, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" For some, the response comes immediately. For others, the answer takes time. Schools prepare children for work, and governments oversee it. Some hate their job, while others find it addicting. Yet, no one in the world would ever question the necessity of work. It is not surprising that such an essential part of life is defined and much discussed in Scripture. For those who trust Scripture's contents, this brief treatment on work will help develop an understanding of its perspective. For others, Work Excellence may provide a challenge to rethink their views.