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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Apr 2005
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Perspectives: A Life Guide for Twentysomethings

by Colin Creel

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Twentysomething. The word defines someone fully an adult, yet still uncertain about many things on the road ahead. Advice for this age group often seems outdated or inexperienced, but Colin Creel has found the right mix. Blending stories from his own life as a twentysomething (the author recently turned thirty), truths from Scripture, and tips from older adults, Pespectives is both relevant and reliable.

Each chapter is titled with a question, ranging from ambiguous to piercing, that sets the tone for the advice to follow. From “What makes you pound the table?” to “How do you handle loneliness?” to “What is success in practical terms?”, the chapters cover most aspects of a Christian twentysomething’s life. Thirty chapters make the book ideal for a month-long study, while the descriptive titles allow young adults to go directly to the advice they need right then.

While the writing is good, there’s nothing about it to captivate the reader. The focus is all on the strong content. Though the writing does nothing to detract from the message, if the book is read in one or two sittings, it may begin to feel somewhat humdrum. Reading a bit at a time will also allow twentysomethings to think about each chapter, especially the “points to ponder” closing each one. Recommended for young adults with teachable minds and hearts. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In our 20s we make the most significant and formative decisions of our entire lives. We decide what career to choose and whom to marry, how we will spend our money, where we will live, what type of people we will surround ourselves with, and generally what will be the guiding force(s) of our lives. Ironically, these choices are made at a time when the most wisdom is needed but the least is possessed.

As a 30-year-old Christian who has sought God¹s leading in making many of the above decisions, Colin Creel sets out to share both what he¹s learned as well as the advice of some older, wiser men and women who can look back with discernment of the life-molding decisions all twentysomethings face. By addressing such topics as romance, work, friendship, character development, and spiritual formation, Perspectives offers life-changing daily tidbits of wisdom for the searching Christian twentysomething.