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Trade Paperback
144 pages
Jan 2005
Tweener Press

Secret of Abbott's Cave

by Max Elliot Anderson

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Randy and his friends Hal, Jeff, and Stewart, have a detective club and are studying how to explore caves. They buy a police radio scanner and while they are packing to go on the cave exploration, they hear on the scanner about a local bank robbery.

While they are out camping on Jeff’s uncle’s land, they see two bank robbers stashing their loot somewhere near the cave. After seeing all of this happen, they can’t go back to sleep. Should they check the cave first thing in the morning or contact Jeff’s uncle. Will the boys stumble upon the loot?

Max Elliot Anderson has no use for boring books. He loves action and adventure that keep readers glued to his stories. The Tweener Press Adventure Series takes places in different settings, with different characters, and different and exciting adventures. Also, he has a book posted on that you can read chapter by chapter as it is posted.

As usual, Mr. Anderson’s adventure stories keep me captivated until the book is finished. The characters are likeable and realistic, and the storyline moves fast. Highly recommended. -- Jessica Loughner, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Randy and his friends formed a detective club and pooled their resources to buy a police radio scanner. After learning of a bank robbery, they went on a camping trip and cave exploring, discovered the hidden loot from the robbery, and questioned if they were really heroes. Who are the real heroes in life?