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Trade Paperback
128 pages
May 2005
Genesis Publishing Group

Take Up the Shield: Comparing the Uniform of the Police Officer & the Armor of God

by Tony Miano

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Deputy Tony Miano's Take Up The Shield: Comparing the Uniform of the Police Officer and the Armor of God, is a powerful look at the Ephesians text in a culturally relevant discussion of a seemingly dated text.

Tony Miano is active as a reserve Deputy with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department who also serves as Chaplain. Offering the insight of his eighteen years of law enforcement experience and involvement in scenarios like the Riverside earthquake and Los Angeles Riots, Deputy Miano's words are steeped in authenticity. Seldom do we encounter soldiers who don all aspects of the armor of God as it is relayed in Ephesians. However Deputy Miano details the armor and its relevance to peace officers and Christians today.

Relaying the stories of fallen officers, the tactical perspective of approaching suspects, and the necessity of sharing the Gospel with those who will stand before the True Judge, Miano challenges believers everywhere to wear the whole armor of God. In a scripturally sound presentation he encourages believers to be ready in season and out, to practice using the weapons of our warfare, and to stand strong in faith in Christ Jesus.

As the daughter of a retired deputy sheriff, I know Deputy Miano's words will inspire my dad to take up his armor although he no longer patrols the streets. This encouraging word is for those who are in and outside of the law enforcement family--as peace officers, soldiers, and all who protect our freedom and liberty face the enemy on a regular basis and need our prayers for protection and strength. I highly recommend this book to all within law enforcement or military families as it is relevant to today's defenders of freedom. – Suzanne Rae Deshchidn, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In Ephesians 6, Paul described the armor of God using an illustration familiar to his readers—the Roman soldier’s attire. In Take Up the Shield (Genesis Publishing Group), author Tony Miano uses a contemporary equivalent—the police uniform—to give readers fresh insight into this well-known passage. A street cop, Miano uses engaging, real-life police stories to drive home the importance of each piece of equipment.

“The similarities between the uniform of the police officer and God’s armor go beyond the pieces of equipment themselves, however,”Miano explains. “They extend to the importance of preparation for duty and the cost when we fail to use the right equipment in the right way. We must understand how to ‘wear’ and ‘use’ this armor.” A police chaplain as well as a cop, Miano writes from the perspective of a Christian who wears and uses the armor of the police officer every day, fighting both the physical battle against crime in our society and the spiritual battle against evil that all individuals are called to fight.

“There is a spiritual war raging between two kingdoms—the kingdoms of good and evil. Like it or not, believe it or not, it is true. The battle is real. And every individual is in the midst of the battlefield,” he writes. “We too must be in uniform and prepared for battle. Unless we have on the full armor of God, Paul warns us, we will not be able to stand against the schemes of the devil.”

As a member of the Sheriff ’s Department, the author has worked the streets of metropolitan Los Angeles and walked the cellblocks of one of the most dangerous county jails around. In describing the officer’s uniform, he recounts his experiences in responding to the infamous L.A. Riots and the devastating 1994 Northridge earthquake, and gives insight into a cop’s life—working in jails, making arrests, firing at a suspect, taking a hit in a bullet-proof vest.

Using the analogy of civil law, he then gives readers a look into the courtroom of the Judge of all mankind. “Just as there are civil laws that apply to all of society, there is a universal Moral Law by which we are to abide,” he tells readers. “You don’t want to go through life thinking you’re doing the right thing only to face the frightening prospect of finding yourself before the Judge and declared guilty of breaking the Law.” He helps readers examine their lives in light of God’s standard and encourages them to “take up the shield” of faith by placing their trust in Jesus Christ.