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112 pages
Apr 2005
Genesis Publishing

Way of the Master for Kids

by Ray Comfort & Kirk Cameron

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In today’s world, our children are bombarded by teaching and messages that argue against what the Bible teaches. It is hard as parents to not only counter this, but teach kids to defend the Bible in an understandable way to their own friends. The Way of the Master for Kids is such a tool for handling the difficult questions that arise, as well as laying a sound foundation for salvation.

Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron, co-hosts of the television (and now radio) program also titled “Way of the Master,” begin by writing an open letter to parents, encouraging them to “prepare our children to stand strong in their faith in spite of our secular culture.” They then proceed to explain how to do so using this book.

With simple and colorful artwork, the first half of the book is for preschool-age kids. It begins in the Garden of Eden, going through the introduction of sin, how we received the Ten Commandments, and then describes each command. Every page contains large-sized text, an illustration, and then below is a smaller quotation from the Bible that reinforces the point. This section wraps up by explaining that Jesus came to take our punishment for not following the laws, how to be saved, and the hope of Heaven.

The next portion of the book is dedicated to elementary school kids, and is singular in its presentation of youth apologetics. Before reading this, I was unconvinced that such young minds would be capable of understanding the arguments for the existence of God, the fallacies of evolution, and why bad things happen. Comfort and Cameron treat their young readers with respect, giving ample yet clear information that answers a myriad of questions that naturally cross curious intellects.

The Way of the Master for Kids is a book that needs to be on every family bookshelf, and read over and over until it is committed to memory. It gives assurance of salvation, and is an invaluable tool for combating the secular thinking of our postmodern culture. Don’t just buy one copy, this is a book that must be shared. – Anne Walker, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

What should you tell your children if they come home from school saying that the Bible is full of fairy tales and science has proved that man came from monkeys? Based on the television show "The Way of the Master," hosted by Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort, this book will help you provide answers in a language your kids can understand.

Written in two parts, the book first gives 3- to 5-year-olds an understanding of God's love for them. The second part is for 6- to 10-year-olds, and explains how we can know that God is real, who made God, why the Bible is true, how we can know that people didn't come from apes, and why bad things happen.

In addition, the book teaches children how to memorize the Ten Commandments in just five minutes, and helps them understand why they need Jesus. Recommended for ages 3 to 10.