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176 pages
Mar 2005
Genesis Publishing Group

How to Bring Your Children to Christ...& Keep Them There: Avoiding the Tragedy of False Conversion

by Ray Comfort

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Is my child saved? For Christian parents, there is no greater question in life. Dedicating himself to practicing as well as training others in evangelism, Ray Comfort prepares dads and moms to raise their kids in the Lord.

Acknowledging that genuine salvation comes through the work of God, Comfort nonetheless builds a plan for parents to biblically introduce Christ to their charges. Using the Law as a tutor--as explained in Galatians 3:24--the author leads the reader through parables for instruction, and quotes from some of the greats including Charles Spurgeon.

Through this sometimes humorous, always real, tapestry of evangelistic truths, Comfort propels apathetic and concerned parents to momentum.

The author's philosophy of using the Ten Commandments as a guide to repentance is not simply biblically sound, but tragically overlooked in our 'seeker friendly' society. How else can one realize the need for a Savior? This principle applies not just to the training of children, but is essential to anyone's saving faith. In this truth, Comfort does not pull any punches. Blended with that are suggestions, from an obvious child-at-heart, that are practical ways to communicate with kids.

How to Bring Your Children to Christ is ideal for anyone involved in the spiritual training of youth, and is such an enjoyable read that you will want to complete it in one sitting. The fun-loving personality of the author combined with the timeless truths presented are an unbeatable combination. -- Stacy Oliver, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Too many parents suffer the heartache of having their children rebel against their Christian upbringing. Nothing is more important than where their children will spend eternity, yet many parents are missing an essential key to the spiritual well-being of their kids.What can parents do to ensure that their beloved children donít become part of this alarming statistic?

In How to Bring Your Children to Christ . . . & Keep Them There (Genesis Publishing Group), seasoned evangelist Ray Comfort addresses this missing key and offers parents practical advice on the spiritual training of their children.

While there is no sure-fire formula to secure the salvation of any individual, there are scriptural principles parents can implement to help prevent their kids from tragically falling away from the faith. By presenting the biblical reality of true and false conversion, the author shows parents how to guide their children to experience genuine salvation and avoid the pitfall of rebellion as they encounter the temptations of the world.

This handy guide is filled with practical ideas for having family devotions, tips for safeguarding kids from harmful influences, and great suggestions for helping kids understand and learn Godís holy standard, the Ten Commandments.

In How to Bring Your Children to Christ . . . & Keep Them There, the author shares the principles that enabled him and his wife to guide their three children safely through the often tumultuous teenage years. These timeless principles will help parents not only to instruct their children about God, but to equip them to become faithful laborers for Christ.