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Trade Paperback
172 pages
Apr 2006
Ampelon Publishing

Saving God's Green Earth: Rediscovering the Church's Responsibility to Environmental Stewardship

by Tri Robinson with Jason Chatraw

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Because I was recently laughed out of a ladies meeting for worrying out loud about what pesticides did to worms and honey bees, this volume provides balm to my wounded spirits (and pride, if truth be told). Written by a pastor who graduated in the late 1960s as an ecology major, then drifted into mainstream thinking, and is now back again in the ecology camp, Saving Godís Green Earth provides a large serving of food for thought, all of it based in Godís Word.

Robinson seeks to communicate the responsibility of Christians to embrace scriptural environmental stewardship, and gives useful directions for doing so. Combining a bit of his autobiography with how his church (in the Association of Vineyard Churches USA) found and handled a concern for environmental problems, Robinson does a good job presenting his case. Each chapter looks at a facet and then concludes with a bio of and some quotes from another Christian environmentalist. Some of the facets considered are: the Creator and His creation; the merging of faith and environment; our efforts encouraging others; a look at Noah; and, practical ideas. Robinson includes many quotes from such varied sources as the Bible, Martin Luther, John Calvin, and St. Francis of Assisi.

As one time missionary to the Karen people, now a pastor and speaker, Tri Robinson speaks from his heart. Saving Godís Green Earth is interesting, challenging, may cause a few arguments, and well worth reading. Ė Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

For hundreds of years, the church championed the beauty of Godís creation, demonstrating in many ways how it points to the Creator. However, over the last century, the evangelical church has let the value of caring for creation slip away. Author and pastor Tri Robinson makes a compelling case for the biblical mandate behind environmental stewardship and shows the church what it can do about this eroding value.

Through sharing both his own personal story and the story of his church in response to environmental concerns, Robinson clearly shows how important this value is and how effective it is in showing others the Creator. Not only does Robinson inspire the reader to care for the environment, he reveals a clear pathway to making the value of environmental stewardship real in both the life of the reader and the Christian community in which he or she is involved.