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Trade Paperback
176 pages
Feb 2007
Dare Dreamer Press

Real Women Scrap: Create the Life and Layouts You've Always Wanted

by Tasra Dawson

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Real Women Scrap by Tasra Dawson is not only a book devoted to scrapbooking application through style and technique, but it also is a compilation of scrapbooking lessons that can be applied to life.

Dawson exudes her warm, enthusiastic style throughout the book by including personal stories and private thoughts in every chapter. This is accented by a practical style demonstrated in the visual layout of the book: side boxes, diagrams, and tasteful embellishments. It all comes together to create a stylistically reader-friendly book.

Her scrapbooking tips are informative without being tedious, technical without being overwhelming, practical and a lot of fun. Also, she lists helpful, alternate sources of scrapbooking ideas and includes a useful glossary of scrapbooking terms in the back of the book.

The main audience to whom Dawson is writing seems to be moms who already enjoy scrapbooking, but find it difficult to find time in their busy lives. But she also addresses other groups as well. In Chapter 6 she interjects a message specifically for singles, and in Chapter 2, there are moments where she is trying to convince people who are uncertain about scrapbooking.

The basic organization of Dawson’s chapters is consistent, but the pattern she follows to translate her scrapbooking message to her life-lesson message does not contain the same logical progression. Chapter 7 is about redefining. The life lesson is redefining joy, which is much more specific than general applications throughout the rest of the book. However, the redefining joy section is very thought provoking, even though it interrupts the flow. Although having a spiritual element to it, the book focuses more on what the individual can do for herself than on what God can do for her. Chapter 2 speaks about using scrapbooking for self-affirmation. This assertion can be disconcerting to those who see their self-worth as being solely found in God and to those who see trying to find worth outside of him dangerous.

In the end, this is a reader-friendly book with useful and practical tips that take into account a busy lifestyle. Although it might be easy to get picky about some things-- organization confusion, audience inconsistency, or disagreement in message emphasis--Real Women Scrap has useful tools and helpful insights for women who are busy, but interested in scrapbooking and willing to learn life-lessons along the way. – Kristi J. Meyers, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Real Women Scrap offers guidance for transformative scrapbooking and creative living. Filled with practical tips, inspiring stories, and insightful strategies, this life-changing guide shows readers how to use key elements in scrapbooking to reconnect with themselves. Drawing parallels between the lessons of the scrapbook page and the lessons of living, author Tasra Dawson connects the wisdom of a beloved pastime with timeless principles for improving busy women's lives.