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184 pages
Jul 2003

Thunder on the Left

by Gary Aldrich

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Book Jacket:

Thunder on the Left picks up where Unlimited Access left off as Gary Aldrich makes a compelling case that today's Democratic Party has been hijacked by the Hard-Left. This power struggle within the loyal opposition has, in turn, created a clear and present danger to our national security.

Aldrich knows what he's talking about--he was an FBI agent for 26 years and spent the last five years of his FBI career working at the White House.

Aldrich was so alarmed and disgusted by the Clinton administration that he wrote Unlimited Access which became an immediate New York Time #1 bestseller. Aldrich tried to warn patriotic Americans that their Commander in Chief Bill Clinton and his Hard-Left cronies were engaged in a purposeful destruction of our national security.

A driven and aggressive investigator, Aldrich continued his far-reaching probe as his insatiable curiosity led him to ask many obvious questions: Why was the Hard-Left so determined to destroy our national security? Why do they sneer at our institutions? Why do they continually pain Conservatives as extremists?

Aldrich also presents the case that Bill Clinton is correctly blamed for September 11, 2001. Clinton and his Hard-Left allies may not want this to be Clinton's legacy, but Aldrich points out how Clinton ensured it.