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Trade Paperback
175 pages
Sep 2002
Lighthouse Trails

A Time of Departing

by Ray Yungen

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"Is contemplative prayer really a vehicle to a closer walk with God? A Time of Departing documents clearly that far from being such a vehicle, contemplative prayer is more akin to a Trojan Horse. You may be very surprised to read of who the prime pawns are in this spiritually dangerous deception." -- CECIL ANDREWS, TAKE HEED MINISTRIES - NORTHERN IRELAND

"The church is under subtle attack. Pantheistic theology and occult practices have become a serious danger to the purity of the true gospel of Jesus Christ. Ray Yungen is a Watchman sounding the alarm." -- PHILLIP ARNN, SENIOR RESEARCHER, WATCHMAN FELLOWSHIP, INC.

"[A Time of Departing] is excellent. It goes to the heart of pagan spirituality and courageously asks how this false approach is deeply affecting the evangelical church.  I recommend this book without hesitation." -- PETER JONES, AUTHOR OF PAGANS IN THE PEWS

"A vital resource for understanding our times, for recognizing deception and for resisting today's most enticing distortions of truth. I recommend this book to all." -- BERIT KJOS, KJOS MINISTRIES

"Well written, researched and documented. Provides a sobering overview of how far the Christian church has been influenced by the deception of the New Age movement." -- ROGER OAKLAND, UNDERSTAND THE TIMES

"I especially appreciate Yungenís warnings about the influence of mysticism on contemporary evangelical spirituality." -- DR. DONALD S. WHITNEY, ASSOCIATE PROFESSOR OF SPIRITUAL FORMATION, MIDWESTERN BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY

Book Jacket:

Ray Yungen gives the church a much-needed reminder of the insidiousness of the philosophy basic to the New Age that poses the biggest threat to Christian orthodoxy -- panentheism, the idea that "God is in everything and everything is in God". This is different from pantheism that sees God as an impersonal substance that incorporates all of creation. Yungen traces such ideas to the Catholic mystics of the Middle Ages who introduced "contemplative prayer" as a way to empty the mind and encounter God. This mystical prayer has had a revival in the Catholic Church in recent years as the New Age movement’s promotion of meditation has caught on. And these concepts have infiltrated the evangelical church as leaders close their eyes to the dangers.