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Trade Paperback
143 pages
Jul 2003
Global Publishing

Surprised by Faith

by Don Bierle

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"In a 21st century world in which many seekers feel alienated by a faith they cannot relate to or understand, Surprised by Faith by Dr. Don Bierle is like a refreshing oasis for lost and wandering souls. Rather than ridiculing the unbeliever or doubter for questioning the Christian faith, Bierle encourages debate and eagerly responds to pertinent questions. He accepts the fact that a post-modern society does not automatically find the church a credible source of information or even the Bible to be a viable textbook. As such, Bierle approaches faith with logic, science, history, and philosophy.

"No issue or topic of importance is shied away from. Bierle tackles the origin of humankind, the validity of the Scriptures, and the rationality of faith. By retracing the same steps that led Dr. Bierle to his own personal belief in God and in Christianity, he creates a powerful argument for a faith-based life.

"Written primarily for those who are skeptical of organized religion, and perhaps specifically Christianity, Surprised by Faith is formatted perfectly for either one-on-one mentoring or for a small discussion group. With thought-provoking questions that are answered with historical references and logical rationality, this book is ideally qualified to help skeptics learn to know, love, and serve God." -- David Atkins, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The world is changing so rapidly that many are shaken with uncertainties. This is compounded by an erosion of confidence in absolute truth and traditional values. The result is a floundering search for a reliable source of purpose and meaning in life. Fear, not anticipation, fills some hearts as people think about the future. Some contend that turning to faith is anti-intellectual. God is about religion – a crutch for the weak. These are mere caricatures resulting from ignorance. This book confronts false stereotypes and examines the astonishing body of scientific and historical evidence supporting the truth that God exists and cares about people’s future.

As a college student, amid academic success and athletic achievement, Don Bierle began searching for answers to the important questions of life. He found there is more to life than what can be seen, touched, and measured! Using the scrutiny and logic of his scientific training he tested the foundations for faith, and was surprised and changed – by the answers he discovered. Hundreds of thousands of people have now discovered these answers through Surprised by Faith. For them, the discovery has been an “Ah-ha” experience resulting in transformation and a life of peace and hope.