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Picture Book
32 pages
Oct 2003
Bay Light Publishers

Thank You, Jesus

by Charlotte Lundy

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Get the family together with this Thank You, God series and enjoy some really exciting, enjoyable reading sessions.  Written for ages ranging from preschool through elementary grades, little guys will love them and the bigger ones will find reasons to join in the listening adventures.  In Thank You, Noah, Elaine and her horse Chester practice enthusiastically for their first riding competition, while learning how Noah earnestly obeyed God.  Written at elementary school reading level, older siblings will enjoy reading Thank You, Paul to their smaller brothers and sisters.  This volume tells how Alan, the smallest player on the school baseball team, aches to hit a homerun.  The story of the Apostle Paul’s dedication to God in spite of trials encourages Alan mightily.  In Thank You, Jesus, Madison learns to love a handicapped kitten as she finds out how Jesus loved people no matter what their problem.  Written at third grade level, Thank You, Ruth and Naomi is another book the older ones can read to the family.  Keana, Ashley, and Grace learn about friendship from the Bible characters Ruth and Naomi.  Other books in the Thank You, God series include: Moses; Mary; Esther; Solomon; Peter; and one translated into Spanish, Gracias, Noe.

With two Benjamin Franklin awards and a Foreward Magazine Book of the Year finalist award under its belt, the Thank You, God series is well worth adding to your church or family library.  Charlotte Lundy, mother and children’s author, knows how children think and speak.  Based on important life lessons, her simply presented stories are fun, easy to understand, and leave a lasting impression.  Amply illustrated--every page glows with color--by several illustrators, the graphics magnify each story.  Children will enjoy looking at the smaller details in each drawing, insects, angels, smiles, floating leaves.  Each book includes a relevant prayer.  With a durable cover and hardy pages, big enough for a class to enjoy, these books are perfect for group reading, yet just the right size for individual reading. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Madison is at first afraid of a little lame kitten in her grandmother's back yard. But she eventually falls in love with him as her grandmother tells her the story about Jesus. Follow Madison along in this book as she learns about Jesus and how He taught us to love everyone even though we may be different.