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Trade Paperback
May 2005
Fair Havens Publications

Too Busy to Live: The Addiction America Applauds

by Rick Fowler & Cassie Findley

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Are you a “workaholic?” Do you find yourself too busy for family, for friends, to enjoy life? Too Busy to Live, subtitled The Addiction America Applauds is a book by Dr. Rick Fowler and Cassie Findley with J. Ray Smith that addresses the over-busyness of our society.

The first segment of the book is a condensed history of world religions, with the purpose of how Christians have developed an attitude that being busy was a godly attribute. Americans tend to look up to overachievers, busy people who seem to be accomplishing much.

The writer contends that business is a dangerous life style that leads to stress, fatigue, fear, guilt, anger, and family breakups. The authors discuss how the problem can be overcome by establishing and maintaining a healthy balance of work, worship, and family and play. Learning to find contentment in fewer material possessions, getting out of debt, avoiding hyper-parenting, learning management skills and legitimate ways to deal with compulsive over working, are some of the topics.

Dr. Fowler is a doctor of psychology from Dallas, Texas. Cassie Finley is associated with research for Curves International and teaches classes on kinesiology and nutrition. Co-author J. Ray Smith is the president of Fair Havens Publications.

The book teaches how to set goals and priorities, get rest and exercise and a healthier diet. One chapter gives evaluations of different diets and health programs from The South Beach diet to Curves. Included the reader will also find a 12 step program for recovery from business addiction with suggestions for establishing balance in life.

The book is full of useful information and presents some real points to ponder- if you have the time! I recommend this book for any parent who feels he or she needs to learn to relax and spend more time with family. – Elece Hollis, Christian Book

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Christian Counselor and Fitness Expert Team Up To Find Answers

An addiction is sweeping our country; but little is being done to stop it. There is no government task force to study the problem, no commission headed by a “Czar” to combat it, and few expressions of concern from our pulpits. In fact, most businesses and major corporations encourage or even require their employees to indulge themselves freely in the addiction. Even most church leaders commend their members who have fallen into it and exhort others to follow their example.

This addiction is not to a drug or any substance. It is not to antisocial or what is considered immoral behavior. Yet, it can be just as destructive. It is a behavioral disorder that presents itself as compulsive, excessive busyness.

Dr. Rick Fowler, Director of Prestonwood Christian Counseling Center in Dallas and author of ten books, combines his expertise with Cassie Findley, Director of Research and Development for Curves International fitness centers, to plot an escape route for those who are trapped in the cycle of busyness addiction. American culture is driving us to be excessively busy because it is based on postmodern thought patterns. The way out is to return to the Judeo-Christian values that made this country great.

When the Puritans settled in America they brought with them a work ethic based on a sense of personal calling from God. They believed that every individual has a God-given purpose in life, and a responsibility to use his gifts and abilities to serve God and his fellow man. Our culture has generally abandoned that idea in favor of a self-centered approach to life based on New Age spirituality.

When one considers himself to be god, with limitless possibilities for fulfillment but no definite purpose, life becomes a frantic search for meaning and fulfillment. Although Christians do not accept most of the presuppositions of postmodern thought, nevertheless, they are unconsciously caught up in the behavioral patterns that the culture typically produces.

Fowler and Findley explore practical, proven Biblical principles to offset the drivenness of our culture and restore health and balance to life. Dr. Fowler draws from over thirty years of counseling experience to deal with the emotional problems associated with busyness addiction. Restoring balance in life and relationships is the model used in Dr. Fowler’s counseling ministry. He is the author of Together on a Tightrope, co-author of The Serenity Bible, published by Thomas Nelson, and Steps to a New Beginning, winner of the Gold Medallion Award. For over 26 years Cassie Findley has done extensive research on stress management, physical and spiritual fitness. For fifteen years she served as Director of Health Education and Wellness and Assistant Dean for Students at Baylor University in Waco, Texas.