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Trade Paperback
181 pages
Jan 2007
Living Ink Books

The Sword and the Flute

by Mike Hamel

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The Sword and the Flute is a fun adventure—the kind of book that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

The first book in the Matterhorn the Brave series, The Sword and the Flute features a middle school kid who likes to read history. One day while searching the library shelves, Matt finds a book titled The Sword and the Flute. Daunted by the number of pages, he decides not to read it. But when he tries to put it back in its slot on the shelf, it won’t go in. Intrigued, he opens the book. Inside are only blank pages except for a curious black dot found on a middle page. Staring at the black dot, Matterhorn is sucked into another world.

Matterhorn’s quest includes a jeweled queen, a fun sidekick, a mysterious stranger, and a deceiving enemy. Is Matterhorn the promised chosen one who can save the forest and this strange world?

Author Mike Hamel wrote this fantasy for youth. Tales of Matterhorn the Brave were originally bedtime stories Hamel told to his four children. Edited by innovative editors Dan Penwell and Rick Steele, The Sword and the Flute is a good choice for boys and reluctant readers like myself who prefer stories with lots of action. – Hannah Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

The first book in the Matterhorn the Brave™ series finds Matthew Horn summoned to First Realm by the Sword of Truth. In the process, his trip through a portal instantly matures him to adulthood. He will need all of his new muscles to stay alive when he goes with veteran Traveler Aaron the Baron to medieval Ireland.

Their mission? To find Ian’s Flute, one of the Ten Talis hidden on Earth by the king of First Realm. But the Flute has been stolen from the leprechauns and sold to a treacherous pirate. In their pursuit of the sacred object, Matterhorn and the Baron come up against kidnappers, arsonists, bounty hunters, wraiths and the shadowy Bonehand. The only thing more exciting than the quest is what it leads to next!