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Trade Paperback
204 pages
Feb 2004
AMG Publishers

What to Do When You Don't Want to Go to Church

by PeggySue Wells & Pat Palau

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Book Jacket:

Feel like staying home from church this week?

We don't want to admit it, but we have all experience it. Sunday morning rolls around, and the last place we want to go is to church. What should we do when we have this gnawing feeling of "not wanting to go to church"?

Perhaps you've been fighting with your spouse and kids all week, and seeing happy families sitting in church pews multiplies your despair. Maybe church brings back painful childhood memories. Maybe you feel church is more about activities than relationships. Maybe you're embroiled in a conflict with someone from church and want to avoid seeing them. Maybe there is a clique in the church, and you're not a part of the so-called "in" group.

Sometimes you can feel the furthest from God when sitting in a church service. Perhaps you never felt lonelier than when you attend church. But why?

Pat Palau and PeggySue Wells have talked with hundres of people who have openly shared their feelings, their joys, and their frustrations about "going to church."