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128 pages
Jun 2004
AMG Publishers/Living Ink

The Twenty-Third Psalm for Caregivers

by Carmen Leal

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The Twenty-third Psalm for Caregivers is a lovely new gift book by Carmen Leal. It speaks straight to the heart of persons who find themselves in the heart-wrenching business of caring for a sick, elderly or bedridden family member. Carmen addresses the special needs and problems of caretaking that can be addressed by the twenty-third Psalm.

Carmen Leal was caregiver for her husband who died of Huntington’s disease. She talks about her own experiences and what she learned about God’s love and mercy. She is able to give encouragement to caregivers who are exhausted, angry and discouraged. This is her sixth book, including Faces of Huntington’s and Portraits of Huntington’s. Carmen is a singer and often speaks at women’s retreats, churches and writer’s conferences.

The book has 15 sections each based on a segment of the Psalms and an attribute of Jesus as our shepherd. Each contains quotations by people like Charles Spurgeon and Corrie Ten Boom, words from comforting hymns and scripture verses. The pages are light tan and appear textured decorated with calligraphy and small pictures of sheep.

Chapter Six -- The Shepherd Who Directs uses the phrase: “He leads me in the paths of righteousness...” Carmen shares how God helped her to overcome anger about the reality of finding life’s plans changed by her new responsibility as caregiver. Inside the front cover across from a presentation page is this quotation by Thomas a′ Kempis, “Hence we must support one another, console one another, mutually help, counsel, and advise.”

Before I read the book, I had not seen see myself as a caregiver. Yet, I now see how all of us are called to care for others and there are times and seasons in my life when I am and will again be a caregiver. This book is well written and beautifully laid out. I would strongly recommend it as an encouraging gift to anyone who finds himself, even temporarily, in the role of caregiver. -- Elece Hollis, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In an often thankless and unending job, The Twenty-third Psalm for Caregivers is a welcome reminder that caregivers are not alone. The Shepherd sees, leads, and empowers caregivers and will restore their weary souls. Each verse of Psalm 23 is the subject for a topical chapter, addressing caregivers felt needs. Fifteen disease generic true-life stories about caregivers teach while they entertain, inspire, and draw the reader to God. The Scriptures and accompanying quotations and classic hymns show how a relationship with the Lord, who is our Shepherd, can meet the caregiver's need for care, provision, rest, peace, hope, direction, patience, courage, friendship, comfort, protection, healing, blessings, love, and joy.