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Trade Paperback
296 pages
Mar 2007
AMG Publishers

The Christian Combat Manual: Helps for Defending Your Faith : a Handbook for Christian Apologetics

by Dan Story

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A master textbook providing knowledge and impetus for vibrantly effective witnessing on today’s Christian battlefront, The Christian Combat Manual definitely lives up to its expanded title, Helps for Defending your Faith. Author Dan Story, noted author and defender of the faith, immediately leaps onto and into his subject with a decisive look at where the church has failed and how to repair this failure. His goal is to arm us for the battle by teaching us how to put on our spiritual armor, share the Gospel, live holy lives, and successfully challenge our secular, human-centered, and immoral culture for the Lord.

With vivid, step-by-step explanations of exactly how to do this, Story considers many subjects: the truth and reliability of the Bible; creation vs. evolution; demonstrating the existence of God; knowing Jesus Christ; and modern issues, such as naturalism and postmodernism. Along the way, he gives viable answers to some age-old secular challenges such as “Who made God?” and “Do people who have never heard the Gospel go to Hell?” He also clearly explains several difficult concepts, including the definition of apologetics (not anywhere near an apology), and macro vs. micro evolution. Intriguing and significant helps are given: a list of Bible prophecies fulfilled; many samples of secular questions (garnered from Story’s own experience) along with valuable Christian answers; an appendix devoted to secular challenges and how to reply to them; and a great deal more.

Besides being a challenging, Christian growth book, The Christian Combat Manual functions well as a macro textbook providing a curriculum for branching out further into the individual subjects relevant to witnessing in today’s community. Many books on these individual subjects are listed on Christian Book, for example: Taking Back the Good Book by Woodrow Kroll, and What Darwin Didn’t Know by Geoffrey Simmons.

Dan Story feels The Christian Combat Manual is his best book yet. His other books definitely lead toward this one. They are also well worth reading: Defending Your Faith, Engaging the Closed Minded, and, Christianity on the Offense.Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Until recent times, the Christian worldview dominated American culture. Christian principles and values directed governmental policies and set the standards for judicial, educational, ethical, and social behavior in this country. Not so today. People have become apathetic, even indifferent to immoral behavior that a few decades ago was universally recognized as evil and condemned. Vulgarity and violence floods our entertainment. Cheating is commonplace in our universities, as is corruption and greed in our great corporations.

The Christian Combat Manual is written to help Christians engage the culture.  The chapters are carefully constructed to train ordinary Christians in how to confront and respond to the major intellectual and cultural challenges that face Christians today. One chapter or the book describes the Socratic method of encounter by asking “counter-questions” that puts the burden of proof on the non-Christian, forcing him to defend his beliefs.

  • Part one defends the historical accurate accounts of divine revelation.
  • Part two tackles the raging controversy of evolution.
  • Part three demonstrates the existence of God.
  • Part four centers on who is Jesus Christ.
  • Part five focuses specifically on modern issues and secular postmodern doctrines.