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Trade Paperback
290 pages
Oct 2011
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Take Back the Land: Inspiring a New Generation to Lead America

by Rick Boyer

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In Take Back the Land, Rick Boyer demands a new lifestyle from the Christian youth of today. He sees a generation of apathetic rebels, believers and unbelievers alike, and he knows Christians are called to something more than the typical self-centered, carefree adolescence in which American teenagers are prone to indulge themselves. Three battlefields in America require attention as soon as possible: the family, the church, and the courts. The solution, Boyer says, is in homeschooling, activism, and purposeful leadership.

Take Back the Land is not a collection of personal rants against “the state of modern America.” Though Boyer does point out many of the flaws in today’s educational and judicial systems, he has evidence for his claims. He uses a well-researched mixture of Scripture and other material sources, such as the Constitution and the Federalist Papers to support his ideas. He also gives practical suggestions for stepping into the leadership he advocates. Readers get an idea of both the problems that need to be solved and ways to begin to solve them. And as a parent of fourteen homeschooled children, the creator of homeschool curriculum, the author of several books, and an internationally-known speaker on the subject, Boyer is certainly qualified to give such suggestions.

Boyer identifies Christian youth as the “Joshua Generation.” His own generation is the “Moses Generation,” the leaders who brought America through international wars and trauma, but now requires the young men and women to bring it into the Promised Land. Noting several parallels between Joshua’s triumphant victories throughout the Old Testament and the challenges awaiting modern teen leaders, Boyer says, “What Christ expects of us is not the building of earthworks or the digging of foxholes. He wants us on the attack. Smashing Satan’s defenses, destroying his weapons, setting his captives free. That’s offensive warfare. That’s the Joshua style” (p. 34). And as Proverbs 21:22 says, “A wise man attacks the city of the mighty and pulls down the stronghold in which they trust” (NIV). The book is a call to grow up and take responsibility. Right now. Today.

An intense text, Take Back the Land ought to be required reading for every young Christian man and woman, as well as their parents. It is inspiring and engaging, and it instills a desire in the readers to step up and become the leaders God has called them to be. – Valerie Taylor,

Book Jacket:

God is calling you to greatness. No excuses. Be ready to answer the call.

As a young person, you have the chance to impact the future in a positive, godly way. The question is: "Are you ready for the challenge?"

If you’re a believer in Jesus Christ, your calling is to change the world. All you need to get started is the desire to influence your country and church in a positive way. Home schooling and the strength of the Christian family is helping to produce the future leaders of our culture, those with the potential to lead decades of revival and national reformation. If you ignore the challenge, there is little hope for America. A lot depends on you.

So, here is the challenge: Grow up. Now. Get busy. Take responsibility to change this world for God, because that’s exactly what He expects you to do. Your life matters, and God wants to make your life great.

It won’t be easy, and reading this book, you may feel it’s being a little tough on you. There are high expectations and little allowance for excuses. Life isn’t easy, but strive to make it a worthy one. Pioneer missionary William Carey once said, "Attempt great things for God. Expect great things from God."