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176 pages
Jul 2011
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Unveiling the Kings of Israel

by David Down

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Archeologist David Down’s Unveiling the Kings of Israel provides a refresher on the majority of the Old Testament and gives intriguing archeological evidence for timelines, places, people, and stories of the Old Testament.

The large book, which includes plenty of wonderful, colorful pictures and illustrations that match the content of the book, is not so much about the kings of Israel as it is about the leaders of Israel, starting with Noah and progressing all the way to Jesus. Down concludes with a quick chapter on the Gospels, but goes no further into the New Testament.

The book’s subtitle, Revealing the Bible’s Archeological History, describes Down’s writing most accurately. While a great majority of the book consists of retellings or summaries of the biblical accounts, Down provides archeological evidence to accompany several of these accounts. According to Down, the traditional timeline of Egypt puts the Bible at odds with archeology and history, but when readjusted, as many modern archeologists believe it should be, history suddenly lines up with the Bible perfectly. This can be no coincidence, and the evidence Down presents will intrigue readers.

Down’s book makes for a great read for those who want to brush up on the Old Testament, as well as for those interested in archeological evidence for their faith, as “All Scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3:16). – Harmony Wheeler,

Book Jacket:

Unearth the history of the small nation of Israel – the troubled and devastating periods of loss and exile – once lost to time. Far from being a book of myths, the Bible is an amazing historical record, and each year, more archaeological discoveries continue to prove its validity and significance. Follow the intriguing clues found buried in ancient cities, on the walls of early monuments, and in the written records of our world’s oldest civilizations. Walk the ancient streets, explore the distant temples, and unearth the compelling history that continues to resonate with the world today.