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Trade Paperback
160 pages
Sep 2010
New Leaf Press

The Secrets of the Sixth Edition: Darwin Discredits His Own Theory

by Randall Hedtke

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“In 1872, Darwin may have recognized a phenomenon of which few people today are aware regarding public acceptance of evolutionary hypothesis, namely, that its success was primarily through the efforts of the social Darwinists, rather that its scientific validity” (p. 42). Did you catch that? Evolution became popular because it was socially acceptable. This book, The Secrets of the Sixth Edition, provides the reader with many such interesting and important bites of information.

Its stated main purpose is to open and explain to today’s reader the flawed contents of Darwin’s sixth re-editing of his thesis On the Origin of Species. Because he had fallen away from scientific objectivity in his first Origin, Darwin felt compelled to revisit his ideas through six editions. Hedtke takes this sixth edition and honestly, carefully analyzes it for our comprehension.

As you read and learn from this well researched, planned and thought-provoking book, The Secrets of the Sixth Edition, you will be intrigued by all the information provided about evolution and its problems, as well as about its acceptance, those who agreed or disagreed with Darwin, his life and illness (which is now thought to have been a psychoneurosis), and other related subjects. Hedtke backs all his statements regarding Darwin’s blemished conjectures with relevant quotes, mainly from Darwin but also from his cohorts and other books with both pro and con viewpoints about evolution. The six chapters cover a wide range: Introduction to the Evolutionary Hypothesis; An Analysis of Darwin’s Natural-Selection; Asa Gray and Theistic Evolution; The Fossil Record and Divine Creation; The Episteme is the Hypothesis; and, The Principle of Applied Creation in an Origins Curriculum.

Who is Randall Hedtke? With a Master’s Degree in curriculum and instruction, Hedtke is a retired biology teacher who continues his work in research and lecturing about evolution from the Christian worldview. The contents of The Secrets of the Sixth Edition come directly from essays written for the prestigious (or infamous, depending on which side of the evolutionary fence you stand) Creation Research Society Quarterly. Hedtke has debated evolution vs. creation many times and on his website refers to the persecution this has garnered. A science scholar, teacher, and researcher, Hedtke knows his subject well, capably passing his information on to those of us who need it explained in understandable terms. Quoting from the National Education Association, Hedtke points out the basic education right to have “access to varying points of view” (p. 8). He has gone a long way towards this with his vocation and with this book, The Secrets of the Sixth Edition. An interesting sidelight about this book: it was chosen as one of the books to donate to clergy during this year’s National Clergy Appreciation Month. – Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

Darwin's On the Origin of the Species was originally released in 1859, and by 1872, the sixth and last edition was published, becoming the defining text for evolutionists. This controversial work has become the foundation of modern textbooks for scientific studies in origins, though Darwin himself expressed deep doubts about his own speculations and suppositions.

Secrets of the Sixth Edition by Randall Hedtke exposes the critical flaws of this landmark book by using Darwin's own words against him.

Take an insightful look at Darwin's work and its inaccuracies from a fresh and logical perspective. You will discover the often ignored reasoning behind his own abandonment of some of the core mechanisms of evolution later in his life, though they remain unchallenged pillars of unquestioning science today. This informative and easy-to-read study boldly declares the powerful truth that only biblical creation can explain.