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Trade Paperback
144 pages
Jul 2011
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Discerning Truth

by Jason Lisle

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Presented to us by a Doctor of Astrophysics, Discerning Truth does exactly what its subtitle says: it lays bare to the glare of truth the often deliberate miscalculations found in evolutionary arguments against creationism. Defending the creationist position through the systematic use of reason, Lisle discusses the various fallacious arguments used by evolutionists to discount creationism. You’ll remember several of the types of arguments from tertiary English or Philosophy, reification, bifurcation, ad hominem, and the strawman fallacy; with a sprinkling of more everyday ones such as begging the question and equivocation.

For all this, reading this book is not daunting. Definitions are clearly stated. Difficult truths are put into easy-to-cope-with language. Very pointed cartoons illustrate important issues. Examples of how to state creation arguments refuting the declarations of evolutionists are clearly laid out in language laymen can readily use. The last two chapters are devoted to actual evolutionist arguments, how they are fallacious, and the creationist answers. An appendix of alternate names for each fallacy plus a glossary round out a full package of information usable by the creationist.

Dr. Lisle’s qualifications for writing Discerning Truth are impressive. He is a research scientist, works with the Answer in Genesis Ministries, is the planetarium director at the Creation Museum, and has written extensively in both secular and Christian literature about the science of creation. Discerning Truth is valuable in several arenas, such as: personal information and affirmation; ammunition against and protection from evolutionists; and, providing information a teacher can present to students to help them stand successfully against evolutionist onslaughts. – Donna Eggett,

Book Jacket:

Every day Christians are faced with an increasing onslaught of criticism from evolutionists for their belief in God and His glorious creation. What do you say when your faith is challenged by those claiming to speak in the name of science or reason?

Discerning Truth provides a practical and engaging resource on the use of logic in this critical debate. Filled with anecdotes from both creative examples and real-life illustrations that help clarify logical issues in apologetics. Become skilled at distinguishing sound arguments from emotionally-charged rhetoric. Helps any believer refute evolutionary perspectives. Lisle believes that creationists need to be able to recognize and refute evolutionist arguments, and to do so in a way that both honors God and lines up with the truth of His Word (Eph. 5:1). The role of logic, the study of correct reasoning, is becoming a vanishing skill in our society. Yet it is a vital tool in assisting Christians in assessing the weaknesses in evolutionary thought. Here is the clear and concise guide for every believer in defending your faith in the face of adversity.