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Trade Paperback
240 pages
Apr 2010
Master Books

In God We Trust

by Steve Ham

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In his first solo project, In God We Trust, Steve Ham takes on a hefty topic: scriptural authority. According to the foreword by his brother, Ken Ham, Christians “simply do not realize that they don’t have the high view of Scripture they think they have.” Steve Ham aims truly to define the power of Scripture through self-authentication.

Ham divides his work into three sections: the Substance of Authority, the Authority of God, and Authority in Christian Practice. Substance covers the lack, need, and basis for authority. The authority of God addresses God as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, as one entity and as the Holy Trinity. The third section connects scriptural power to everyday life, bringing the foundational ideas of authority’s definition to a practical application. Throughout the book, Ham scatters anecdotes and uses helpful diagrams for harder concepts, simplifying them into a few words at a time.

According to Ham, Scripture is self-authenticating, that much must be true. “There is no greater reputation and honesty than what we see in the Bible and witness in God. This ultimately is God’s Word, and there is no one greater than God to confirm it.” Anyone can believe or disbelieve God, but if He is the perfect God whom He claims to be, His Word must also be perfect.

As a whole, In God We Trust was eye-opening and a pleasure to read. Ham’s easy-to-understand, logical arguments always lead to solid conclusions and offer a fresh look at biblical authority. Though some sections were mentally heavy, the ideas meshed well and the examples interspersed with facts kept the chapters rolling. Anyone looking to learn or relearn the authority of biblical truth should read In God We Trust. – Valerie Taylor,

Book Jacket:

Biblical faith is being undermined and criticized with an increasing fervor in schools, on job sites, and in the marketplace. Are you equipped to face the onslaught of secular, anti-Christian values and viewpoints? Can you clearly state why you believe in Christ and the authority of the Bible? How does this work in your daily life? In God We Trust is a guided journey that will help you: • Identify the influence of the secular worldview and how it attempts to compromise the Word of God. • Distinguish between genuine authority and the counterfeit authority of so many at present. • Realize how your commitment to God’s authority will impact your church, family, and others for Christ.