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299 pages
Nov 2009
New Leaf Press

Life of Washington

by Anna Reed

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A detailed biography, Life of Washington by Anna C. Reed, uncovers a deeper, more spiritual side of our first president. Even though originally published in 1842, this book applies the principles of George Washington’s life in a universal, timeless way.

Even before children enter school, they learn about the legendary figure named George Washington. We have all heard the great legends about chopping down a cherry tree and the military campaigns such as the crossing of the Delaware River. So, how can Anna Reed say anything about Washington that has not been said before?

Whereas this biography of Washington does not uncover any deep dark secrets, it does examine Washington from a different perspective. His Christian faith affected the decisions he made during his childhood, his military career, his presidency, and his retirement years. Like the wise man in Proverbs 19:8, Washington prospered from his great faith in the Lord. Through hard times with politics and war or simple family struggles, God remained his helper, leading him through. A focus is given to his understanding of the Bible, his reliance on prayer, and his faith in action.

The author’s rambling style of storytelling makes you feel more like you are sitting down to a good novel rather than a history textbook. Her pages are chocked full of details about Washington’s everyday assignments in wartime and peace.

Perhaps not everyone would be interested in reading such a thorough account of our first president’s life; nevertheless, this biography is helpful at providing a view into what a Christian leader looks like. Here is set the example for new generations to learn from. I would recommend this book to anyone interested in learning more about the foundations of our country. – Katelyn S. Irons,

Book Jacket:

A rare, faith-filled historic biography of America's first President, George Washington.

Pull back the dark shrouds of secular revisionist history, and meet the humble believer, godly leader, and devoted son who became a fledgling country's source of strength and inspiration. Constantly seeking to serve others and place God first in his life and in the struggle for American freedom. George Washington was a revered and reverent man.

In this special edition of a vintage 1842 original, readers will go beyond today's simple footnotes of this great leader, to discover the man behind the title of "Father of Our Country." From letters and personal accounts, a fuller and more accurate picture emerges of a man who lived by, and was led by, a deep and abiding faith.