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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Oct 2002
Charisma House

Matters of the Heart

by Juanita Bynum

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"Juanita Bynum is a self-proclaimed "prophetess," who has churned out a long list of books that include No More Sheets: Wholeness Through Holiness and Behind the Veil. This latest tome is a personal testimony and autobiographical confession of how Bynum reports that God talked to her personally and told her to create a new heart within herself so that she could draw away from the world and draw closer to God.

"According to Bynum, she was sitting in her automobile when God said, "I want to give you a new heart." She responded, "A new heart? But I already feel like I am saved." God countered with, "Your salvation is according to the salvation of the traditional church. Now I want to save you for real." Bynum asserts that this confrontation came about because God had examined her heart for pureness and holiness and she had "failed the test." She says that her heart "wore the core of wickedness."

"Obviously, to give credibility to this book, readers will first have to decide that Bynum is, somehow, a modern day prophetess to whom God talks directly; furthermore, readers will have to agree with Bynum's theory that salvation as taught for centuries by the "traditional church" no longer pleases God. Neither one of these will be an easy sale.

"On a grand scale, many of the issues Bynum focuses on in her book are valid. She asserts that people who love the Lord should actively be doing His work. That has merit. She insists that believers should search their hearts intently to find out ways in which they have been deceitful to God or to other people. That's good theology. She also suggests that the connection between the heart's desires and the mind's devices should be weighed, evaluated and spiritually cleansed so as not to impair a healthy relationship with God. That's worthy of some consideration.

"Unfortunately, one has to mine the numerous rambling passages of this book in order to find these few valuable nuggets of wisdom. The book's writing is repetitive, wordy, sometimes contradictory, and often without a clear resolution or applicable goal. It doesn't merit the time it takes to read it." -- Rebecca Young, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

God began to deal with me...As the tears rolled down my face, God said, You are thinking like a man. You are always concerned about the outward appearance...but what is the condition of your heart toward Me and toward My people? I sat there confused and said to the Lord, 'MY HEART?'...

This groundbreaking message will open your eyes to the truth about your own heart. Whether you are new to the faith or have been doing great things for God's kingdom for years, you still need a new heart. This Word from the Lord has changed Dr. Bynum's life, and it will change yours as well!

Find out how you can be doing good works for God and not even know Him as you should.

Uncover areas where your old heart deceived you, and learn why it can't be fixed.

Explore the heart/mind connection and see why this key to intimacy with God is so vital to a healthy, satisfying and effective life.

God wants to do some major heart surgery and give you a permanent and improved life. Are you ready to receive.