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Trade Paperback
172 pages
Jul 2007
Bridge-Logos Publishers

Hollywood Be Thy Name

by Ray Comfort

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To many, the mention of Hollywood conjures images of wealth, glamour, and excitement. But according to Ray Comfortís Hollywood Be Thy Name: The Idol Makers, that alluring, glittery surface is just an illusion that masks the true inner workings of an industry that heartily endorses products and lifestyles that are totally contrary to Christian morals and virtues. And, most alarming, Christians donít seem to be too concerned about it.

Comfort boldly sounds a wakeup call. He exposes the Hollywood mindset through a series of facts, stories, and illustrations that reveal the personal thoughts and beliefs of some of the entertainment industryís biggest stars. But he also explains how movies openly ridicule Christianity while liberally using blasphemy and glorifying adultery, pre-marital sex, and violence. Meanwhile, ungodly lifestyles and false beliefs are presented as normal and even desirable.

Comfort compares the early days of Hollywood with its present culture. He traces the major turning point to 1968 when the current Ratings System was adopted. He also explains how the advent of cable television and the increased availability of movies for home viewing have aided the increase of ungodly entertainment.

But Comfort doesnít simply want to shock his readers or attack Hollywood. He challenges Christians to become more accountable about their viewing habits and to stop supporting movies that endorse or portray anti-Christian morals. Comfort concludes with a discussion of Godís Laws and their importance as a foundation for individuals as well as the Hollywood community.

A short DVD is included with the book. It shows Comfort interviewing passersby in Hollywood about their views on the abundance of blasphemy, sex and violence in films. The responses vividly reinforce Comfortís points. Ė Jeff Friend, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

In the beginning Hollywood said "Let there be light," and it created great movies that reflected the values of the average American. But something went terribly wrong, and movies became filled with blasphemy, adultery, and violence. The bright light became a gross darkness, and today Hollywood spouts blasphemy and answers to on one. "Hollywood Be Thy Name isn't just another publication criticizing the entertainment industry. It's an eye-opening book that will shock you. More than that--it will put a rock-loaded sling into your hands that can hit the blaspheming giant between the eyes. While this book exposes the godless agenda of the entertainment industry, at the same time it is filled with fascinating facts such as: what Cecile B. DeMille believed about God; how John Wayne hated filth in movies; and anecdotal material such as the time Jim Carrey first arrived in Tinsel Town and couldn't find a Bible when he needed one. Is it true that Hollywood was first established a a Christian community? What was it that Hollywood did in 1968 that changed everything? "Hollywood Be Thy Name" solves the mystery of why this one influential town has been so out of step with mainstream America when it comes to the things of God.