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212 pages
Jul 2007
Bridge-Logos Publishers

Women of Courage (Garden of Grace Series)

by Donna Kafer

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Donna Kafer’s Women of Courage serves as an excellent reminder that we can use the faith and courage of those who have gone before us as examples of how we can live our lives in service to God.

This unique book presents the biographies of a number of women throughout history, showing how they lived out their courage through suffering and injustice, missions work, and loss. For example, Corrie ten Boom’s rescue efforts for the Jews during World War II speak of courage through suffering and injustice. Gladys Aylward’s missions work in China depicts courage through fulfilling the Great Commission. Martha Washington’s response to the death of her first husband shows her courage even through a time of loss.

The book is divided into three sections, one for each “type” of courage. Each is given a brief introduction, which helps the reader identify with these historical women by comparing their trials with what women face today. Their stories are presented in a journalistic reporting style, featuring quotes, speeches, or writings by them that have affected people’s lives. Each chapter concludes with personal applications of the traits visible in the woman’s life.

The book’s glossy pages are restful to the eye. Beautiful color photographs of flowers and foliage fill the book with eye candy that complete the visage of beauty the book intends to paint. Each biography is preceded by a vibrant picture of a flower that is a symbol of the woman’s life—for example, a rose’s lingering fragrance exemplifies the lingering effects of Rosa Parks’s stand for equality. Though these examples add a colorful touch to the book, they do often seem vague and far-reaching. The traits of “hidden beauty” and “lingering fragrance” could apply to the lives of any of the women in the book. However, the biographies are powerful.

In Joshua 1:9, God said to Joshua, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be terrified; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.” Readers of this book will find encouragement and inspiration from courageous women who used the resources they had and were willing to give everything up even in the face of overwhelming obstacles; women who spoke out against injustice, upheld under extreme persecution, and brought others to the Kingdom. -- Lyndi Markus,

Book Jacket:

Gardens of Grace, a new series, presents compelling biographies of great women in the history of Christendom whose devotion to serving the Lord changed our world. In this first book, Women of Courage, the inspiring lives of 23 women display that God’s grace empowered them to endure trials and hardships, grow in faith and bear beautiful fruit for God’s kingdom.

Courage from her God enabled Corrie Ten Boom to hide Jews from the Nazis in the home she shared with her elderly father and sister Betsy.

Faith transported Sojourner Truth from slave to freewoman and caused her to champion the causes of those still in bondage, both slaves and women.