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240 pages
Jul 2006

Full House of Growing Pains

by Barbara Cameron

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Imagine a young woman graduating high school, almost immediately marrying a man seven years her senior, raising four children while her marriage is falling apart, then fighting to restore her family while guiding two of her children to successful, famous careers and eventually starting her own business. Sound like something from Hollywood? Well, it is. And it’s Barbara Cameron’s life story. Two of Barbara’s children became stars on long-running television shows – Candace played DJ Tanner on Full House and Kirk was Michael Seaver on Growing Pains. In Full House of Growing Pains, Barbara recounts the behind-the-scenes pressures of getting her children to auditions and rehearsals, dealing with the stage mothers and casting personnel, and a variety of other challenges. Meanwhile, her husband, Robert, was dealing with the other two children at home. Throw into the mix Barbara’s feelings of faded love for Robert that eventually leads to her leaving him and getting her own apartment.

Barbara’s father was strict, and he made sure his children went to church to learn about God. Throughout the book, Barbara’s path of spiritual awakening comes through in the way she handles each situation she faces. After Kirk commits his life to Christ, Barbara becomes even more focused on strengthening her own relationship with God.

Full House of Growing Pains shows how a mother was able to raise her children to be strong Christians in spite of Hollywood’s environment and her own personal struggles. The stories are interesting and the book, sprinkled with family photos, flows at a comfortable pace with a solid presentation of the Gospel at the end as Barbara wraps up her story. Barbara also shares her current passion of working with Children’s Hunger Fund, bringing hope to needy children in Africa.

Besides being a good book for parents and those interested in biographies, it could also be an effective evangelism tool, especially for the large amount of people who are familiar with the careers of Kirk and Candace. – Jeff Friend, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Barbara Cameron is a typical Christian mom who wants only the best for her children. As they were growing up, she did all the typical "mom" stuff, but her children were anything but typical. They were both television stars on hit sitcoms. Guiding them through the dark and seductive culture of Hollywood, Barbara was successful in keeping them grounded and making sure that God was first in their lives. They grew up to be spectacular adults, free from all the influences that assailed them except one-God's. She gives hope to every parent, along with sage advice on how to protect your children from "the world."

The book is largely anecdotal and generously illustrated with never-before-seen family photos. A bold behind-the-scenes look into the private lives of her famous children and their faith.