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Trade Paperback
312 pages
Jan 2006

Faces of Faith

by Jon Hanna

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Wonderful either for dipping into or for reading straight through, Faces of Faith introduces you to 38 well-known women who trust God. Women such as U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, singer Gloria Gaynor, Miss America Erika Harold, Martin Luther Kingís daughter Bernice, TV actress Gail Ramsey, former lesbian Carol Moore, First Lady Laura Bush, ex-con Shelly Neal, Adolph Hitlerís goddaughter Rosemary Claussen, and rape victim Debbie Morris. Youíll learn their strategies, tragedies, triumphs, sins, and recoveries, and see how it is not their maturity, but Godís love and power, which bring deliverance and hope. Each bio follows its own format - interview, first person, question and answer, biography, autobiography. Subjects considered include childhood trauma, divorce, suicide, homosexuality, starting over, and forgiveness. The appendices continue the help: one on finding God for yourself, and the other about the struggle to forgive.

These true, profound biographies are the result of seven years of research in cooperation with several Christian magazines and individual Christians. Editor of Connection Magazine, Jon Hanna presents a varied palette of engrossing, uplifting, sometimes terrifying, other times heart-warming, yet always God-centered biographies.

My first reading of this book had me laughing, crying, considering, and praying. One of the biographies which really affected me (Iím sure subsequent readings will each affect me differently) was that of Rosemary Claussen, Adolph Hitlerís goddaughter. For 41 years this woman carried devastating fear and hate in her heart. Her father, a Christian and a Nazi general, was poisoned by the Gestapo at Hitlerís command. Other tragedies were foisted on the family by Hitler. Then, in 1983, God cornered Claussen, demanding she forgive and enabling her to do so. When she forgave, the nightmares ended and healing began. She was led to start Joshuamission, a ministry that helps other Germans to forgive.

A book well worth keeping on hand for continued reading, Faces of Faith will reach out to readers in all sorts of places and situations. Ė Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

This book is the result of seven years of research and publishing award-winning "good news" from Connections Magazine. Faces of Faith will introduce you to actresses, athletes, politicians, singers, and other notable women who have discovered how to thrive in a world where many only survive. While some of the women share intimate testimonies of simple, yet powerful truths, for victorious living, many of them speak of profound and radical deliverance from the bondages of despair, discouragement, depression, and defeat.