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176 pages
Sep 2003
Shaw Books

Simple Acts of Moving Forward : A Little Book About Getting Unstuck

by Vinita Hampton Wright

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"Everyone gets stuck in a rut every once in a while. Some of us more often than not! In Simple Acts of Moving Forward, Vinita Hampton Wrightís goal is to kick start your life using quick and creative actions.

"Within her book, Wright offers 90 ways to start getting things done. Each suggestion has its own quote, story with application, and prayer to close. One such idea is titled 'Reorder Your Universe,' and goes on to describe how the authorís grandmother frequently would rearrange her furniture, paint the walls, and even relocate. Why? Change is the opposite of stagnation, so by making small or even big changes we can get unstuck. On a more practical level, Wright advises buying a new journal and pen for writerís block, or a new desk organizer. Itís not rocket science, but I find myself using some of these same techniques to stay disciplined in my own life.

"As an idea guide, Simple Acts of Moving Forward is right on the mark. As a spiritual resource, it is definitely lacking. The prayers sound more like positive self-talk than conversation with our Creator. An example: 'You know that Iíve not been too forgiving or accepting of the me who was a child once. Iíve tried to grow up and leave that person behind. But the child is still in here, needing love and encouragement. Thank you for giving me a fresh look at this wonderful little person. Show me how to love her better.'

"At best, readers of self-help books may be interested in adding God into the mix of organization skills. However, some of Wrightís suggestions sound more like modern psychology than biblical advice, so undiscerning readers may need to look elsewhere." -- Stacy Oliver, Christian Book Previews

Book Jacket:

You may have larger dreams for your life, but your most common struggles have to do with what you're doing today, during this small collection of moments. You've probably been forward-thinking enought to make plans, and you're doing your best to make them happen. But even the best efforts don't always satisfy you--and, too often, you beat yourself up for that. Sometimes you feel that you will never get ahead or even get beyond the spot you're in right now. The only way to get unstuck is to take a step. It can be a big or little step, and you usually have a choice of directions. But it's an action with purpose behind it, and no one else can do it for you...