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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Mar 2004
WaterBrook Press

New Way to Be Human : A Provocative Look at What It Means to Follow Jesus

by Charlie Peacock-Ashworth

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I confess at the outset that I had a difficult time with Charlie Peacock’s latest book, New Way to be Human. Perhaps it was because, as my children tell me, I’m old and uncool. Perhaps it was because as the author himself told me, I prefer the bottom line to the journey. I accept both criticisms. When discussing the gospel, I am wary of terms like “new,” “provocative,” “innovative,” and “creative”. Having said that, I thought Peacock’s chapters on creation, the fall of man and redemption to be some of his most cogent work. His best writing was in the section entitled “The Personal Connection.”

As I understood the book, the four main points are:

1. Christians themselves need to understand and appreciate the sweep of God’s revelation.

2. We need to be careful to communicate that more effectively in our evangelism, discipleship and living.

3. We need to be open, honest and authentic in all our relationships.

4. Sharing the gospel with someone is more than just a “get them saved” mentality; it is an introduction to a completely new way of life.

Unfortunately, I thought that the style interfered with the content, and I was forever asking, What is he trying to say? Why isn’t he clearer? For those who are numb to current evangelical phraseology, this book just might help to awaken their understanding of the gospel and the Christian life. But I fear the 'old and uncool' like me will have to work a little harder to extract the gems from Peacock’s work. -- Pam Glass, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Are you living the life you’re meant to live?

Like Neo in The Matrix, many of us know that something is wrong. We’re haunted by the idea that there must be more to life than the status quo we see in us and around us. We wonder: Is this all there is–to work, education, marriage, sex, family, friendship, and church?

Artful and inspiring, New Way to Be Human is a book for people who know something is wrong, are tired of faking it or forgetting it, and are eager to stumble after Jesus with passion and authenticity. Charlie Peacock–one of the most innovative musical creators of our time–gives us a fresh invitation to the amazing privilege, rich relationship, and meaningful work that a life of following Jesus is meant to be.