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Trade Paperback
296 pages
Oct 2004
P&R Publishing

Truth In All Its Glory: Commending the Reformed Faith

by William Edgar

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Reformed faith--what is it? If you are acquainted with it, do you meet it with ardor, indifference, resentment, or blame? Written by William Edgar, professor of apologetics at Westminster Theological Seminary, Truth In All Its Glory systematically presents facts and denounces caricatures in order to help all people become well acquainted with the Reformed faith. Whether an adherent, critic, unaware or curious, lay or ministerial, Edgar speaks to all from both heart and mind, ably commending the Reformed faith.

Basing his arguments on the Bible and historical truth from the Reformation, Edgar builds on foundations of past and present history, branching into modern development and beliefs. He defines the Reformed as including several denominations, pre-eminently Presbyterian and Reformed. Always seeking to give fullest honor to God's power, love, and sovereignty as Creator and Redeemer, the basic tenets of the Reformed faith are explored in depth. Interrelations are presented, and relevancies pondered. Deviations from the Bible standard are considered, and differences with other Christian families described. The final section looks at the implications of Reformed tenets for each person seeking to follow Christ as Lord and Savior. An advantageous index and a useful listing for further reading conclude this book.

Coming from a denomination not included in Edgar's definition of the Reformed faith, I found my interest captured by many agreements and a few variances--a good learning situation. Careful definitions of and comments on all terms used helps the reader stay in touch with the author and his beliefs. Righteousness (pg. 43), makes a good example: “...righteousness is not a standard to be reached by meritorious human achievement. It is a gift from God, a revelation through Jesus Christ (Ro. 3.21-22).”

An international and American Christian university professor, historical and apologetics author, allied with the Huguenot Fellowship and other Reformed forums, Dr. William Edgar brings wide experience and deep convictions to Truth In All Its Glory. This book has a broad range of use, within and without the Reformed tradition, from private to group analysis, from academic settings to lay studies. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

This guided tour of the Reformed faith highlights the glory of God’s truth and grace. William Edgar takes us first to the historical roots of the Reformed tradition and then leads us through its major doctrines, including God, the trinity, revelation, creation, the fall, redemption, and the church. He gives special attention to the doctrines of salvation and makes suggestions for further understanding and application of a Reformed worldview to our age. An introduction to Reformed theology, Truth in All Its Glory can be used formally, for example, in a study group or membership class, or less formally, by friends who hope to introduce friends to the Reformed faith.