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Trade Paperback
506 pages
May 2006
P & R Publishing

Shadow in the Deep (Binding of the Blade #3)

by L. B. Graham

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The forces of Malek are loose on Kirthanin. Black wolves, giants, and evil creatures created from the hand of Malek seek to conquer and destroy. The people of Kirthanin are threatened not only by Malek’s forces but by nature itself. Drenched in a constant, never-ceasing storm, the rivers rise and the oceans surge forth.

With the death of Allfather’s prophet Valzaan, a young prince and prophet-in-training named Benjiah is forced to take on the mantle of leadership. He declares a prophecy: that only the union of four races will conquer the evil upon the land. The quest becomes discovering the four races, and seeking their allegiance. No small task, especially with the impending battle.

As the threat to the people of Kirthanin increases, Aljeron, a mighty warrior, compelled by Valzaan’s dying wish, embarks on a quest across the forsaken snow-covered lands of Nolthanin, with his battle brother Koshi. Their struggle is linked to the rescue of the Kirthanin people.

L. B. Graham paints a complete picture of this fantastical world. Readers feel the pounding of the incessant rain, the cold of the snow covered mountains, and the tumble of the storm tossed sea. They see the advance of the malicious army, the magnificence of the golden dragons, and the destruction wrought. This carefully crafted world is one which the author knows intimately, thus helping the reader to step easily into it.

Graham deftly handles a large cadre of characters, bringing each to life with distinct characteristics. He provides the reader with a deep understanding of the character’s motives and emotions, while he moves the story forward.

To fully enjoy the world and story created by L. B. Graham, I recommend starting with book one of this series titled Binding the Blade. However, if you have read both book one, Beyond the Summerland, and book two, Bringer of Storms, you are sure to enjoy the continued fight of the people of Kirthanin against the forces of Malek, in book three, Shadow in the Deep. – Vasthi Acosta, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

As the rains fall and the floodwaters rise, Aljeron embarks on a dangerous quest across the forsaken land of Nolthanin. . .

For all of Kirthanin, the days are dark and hope seems far away. And yet, in the midst of their darkness, a ray of light appears when Benjiah takes up Valzaan’s staff and enters where all others fear to go.