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Trade Paperback
128 pages
Dec 2004
P&R Publishing

Joy Comes in the Morning: Psalms for all Seasons

by Mark D. Futato

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“Weeping may go on all night, but joy comes with the morning.” Psalm 30.5b NLT.

Rejoicing in a career-long study of the Psalms, Mark Futato opens Psalms to our minds and hearts with this elating study, presented as a triad: Songs of Praise, Songs of Lament, and Songs of Thanksgiving. First, Futato presents a short, absorbing explanation of the book of Psalms, and of his presentation format. Then, he uses three Psalms--104, 13, and 30--to examine all of the Psalms.

Dip at random into this volume and you will find treasure. Read it straight through and you’ll learn much, and be encouraged to perceive a great deal more. Whatever way you read this slim, engrossing volume, our Lord Christ Jesus will meet you on each page. Be sure to read the footnotes, which is unfortunately a section at the end of this book instead of at the foot of each page; they add a lot of interesting information.

Professor of the Old Testament, student of the Psalms, author, and Bible translator, Mark Futato illuminates Joy Comes in the Morning with expertise, a robust style, humility, and empathy with his readers. He liberally shares his scholarship, research, meditations, and personal life experiences of joy, mourning, and the sacrifice of thanksgiving.

Joy Comes in the Morning will make an excellent group or individual study book for youth and adult. Interesting enough for informal reading, it works well as a devotional book. The explanations and research also make it a very useful reference volume. – Donna Eggett, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Introduces the kinds of Psalms: praise (illustrated by Ps. 104) lament (13), and thanksgiving (30). Shows how the Psalms speak to us in all circumstances.

Life is a journey, full of smooth sailing and rocky roads. The Psalms are there for us as we experience life. They can clarify our thinking or release emotions from the deep well of the soul. Joy Comes in the Morning helps readers understand how to utilize the Psalms throughout life’s journey and introduces readers to the concept of genre. Joy Comes in the Morning is a unique combination of head and heart. It introduces readers to the importance of genre as an interpretive tool and demonstrates this for the three major genres in the Psalms. Interwoven with the author’s personal testimony, Joy Comes in the Morning also traces the author’s journey and shows how no matter life’s circumstances, joy comes in the morning.