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Trade Paperback
352 pages
Jul 2004
P&R Publishing

Evangelical Ethics: Issues Facing the Church Today

by Dr. John Jefferson Davis

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Evangelical Ethics is filled with godly guidance. Christians are being called upon to decide and justify their positions on many issues that affect our world. They need to determine the extent that their moral convictions should be reflected in society. Some of these situations involve life and death, as in the cases of abortion and euthanasia. Others, like divorce and civil disobedience, are legal questions with spiritual implications.

While this textbook-style treatise may seem aimed at scholars and students, this reviewer urges all Christians to carefully read through the material presented. Itís clear from the authorís direct style of writing that he sincerely desires his readers to understand and to act upon the information provided. The extensive bibliography is a testimony to the hours of research gone into the writing of this book, yet these facts are carefully and concisely arranged for the reader to quickly assimilate them.

In each chapter, the author tackles an issue with a blending of Scripture, statistics, and sound logical thinking. Often, there is a unique dovetailing of historical facts and contemporary arguments. Additionally, medical, legal, and psychological aspects are explored. With this wealth of information, readers will be able to confidently develop and defend their positions on these important issues. Evangelical Ethics is essential reading for todayís Christian. -- Joyce Handzo, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

For two decades, Evangelical Ethics has been regarded as one of the best treatments of contemporary ethical problems facing Christians. John Jefferson Davis brings mature biblical thought to issues such as homosexuality, genetics, abortion, euthanasia, war and peace, the environment, and divorce and remarriage.

This third edition has new chapters on environmental ethics and the genetic revolution, and other chapters have been revised and updated.

"It is my hope," writes the author, "that this new edition of Evangelical Ethics will continue to help pastors, seminarians, college students and church members bring a Christian and biblical understanding to many vital ethical issues facing Christians today."