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Trade Paperback
40 pages
Sep 2009
EP Books

Why On Earth Did Jesus Come?

by John Blanchard

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Why on Earth Did Jesus Come? by John Blanchard tackles some core questions concerning the person of Jesus Christ. Blanchard defends commonly contested aspects of Christian belief, such as the virgin birth and the infallibility of Scripture. He uses historical evidence, the conclusions of other scholars, and the Bible itself to support his points. Dr. Blanchard is an internationally acclaimed pastor and speaker who has written more than 25 books defending Christianity. Why on Earth did Jesus Come? continues in the same apologetic style and, though it is short and informal, it is not particularly engaging. However, Blanchard presents key biblical truths in ways readers may not have been exposed to by drawing on contextual information, such as Jewish marriage customs or the influence of the disciples’ identity on their writing.

One innovative approach is that Blanchard hypothesizes about what a person who is also God must be like and then proves that Jesus meets all of these characteristics. The book’s title may be somewhat misleading since it is primarily devoted to who Jesus was rather than why he came to Earth. In the last pages it is clear that Jesus came to save the lost and, based on the previous material, that he was uniquely qualified to do so.

This brief book would be appropriate for individuals unfamiliar with Christianity or for believers who want to better defend their faith. Its low price also makes it a worthwhile purchase for both school and church libraries. – Andrea Walker,

Book Jacket:

For many people, it is difficult to imagine Christmas without a whirlwind of giving and receiving presents. Yet millions who are delighted to accept gifts, large or small, refuse to accept the greatest gift ever offered - and one that can be theirs at any time of the year. Here it is: ‘The free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord' (Romans 6:23).

In December 2005, BBC Radio 4's programm Sunday ran a ‘Reduced Nativity Competition' in which listeners were invited to see who could best tell the Christmas story in thirty seconds. But the Bible answers the question in less than three seconds: ‘Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners'. To grasp the true meaning of Christmas we need to see beyond the tinsel and the trimmings, the parties and the presents, the food and the fun. We need to fix our minds on the fact that Jesus did not come into the world as a diplomat, a politician, an economist, a psychologist or a scientist, but as a Savior. He came to solve our greatest problem and to bring us into a living relationship with God that will transform our lives here and now and enrich them in heaven for ever.