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Trade Paperback
256 pages
Nov 2009
EP Books

What the Bible Teaches about the Future

by Peter Bloomfield

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There is much we may never know about the future, but Peter Bloomfield’s new book, What the Bible Teaches about the Future, can certainly give us some understanding of what is certain about it. He doesn’t evade the tough questions or regurgitate what many Christians would consider common knowledge. He discusses such topics as the fall of Israel, the Israeli nation’s role in end-time events, and the significance of the number “666”—not exactly easy stuff. With every assertion, his interpretation and explanation of what is foretold in Scripture is reinforced by citing verses, contextual and cultural background information, and etymology. Not only that, but he also encourages readers to examine the Scripture references, citing the main passage of discussion at the beginning of each chapter.

Peter Bloomfield, who is a recently retired minister from Australia and the author of several other study books, including The Guide to Job, The Guide to Esther, and The Guide to Judges, has the wide variety of experience and the depth of knowledge of the Scriptures that would be necessary to accurately and knowledgeably write on this subject. He does make some claims in this book that many Americans would not agree with respect to Dispensationalism, which is primarily an American ideology. In the U.K., it is more common to find Amillennialism.

If individuals don’t mind sifting through his views on those subjects for some of the valuable and interesting ideas he has, then I would certainly recommend this book. It’s very easy to read and has some fascinating insights on some of the less discussed aspects of the end times. It would also make an interesting book for a discussion group, like a Bible study or book club. – Shannon Christine Potelicki,

Book Jacket:

‘What is on the horizon?' is the right question to begin our thinking on the Bible's teaching about the future (technically known as Eschatology, doctrine of last things). To ask "What's on the horizon?" rightly implies that Scripture is heading toward a destination. Like a sailor high up on a mast, the Bible scans the horizon, expecting a cry of ‘land ahoy'!

Contrary to all other world and life views, Scripture teaches the unfolding purpose of the all-wise God. He created the universe for a purpose and that purpose will be achieved. There is a horizon, and God tells us a great deal about it. We are sailing infallibly towards the horizon purposed by God in his eternal plan. The Biblical books are like navigation charts, marking out the points of progress along the way ... the landmarks, the deeps, the safe channels, and the reefs where men get shipwrecked. The great day will come when the goal is reached. There is ‘land ahoy'. The last trumpet will be sounded. The journey will be completed. Temporal things will give way to final things.