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320 pages
Jul 2006
WestBow Press


by Angela Hunt

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There is a chilling truth lurking among the pages of Christy Award winner Angela Hunt’s latest novel, Uncharted. What begins as a funeral reunion for five grown college friends results in an unforeseen trip—a trip with a major unwanted detour. Slowly, they each begin to discover things that seem rather strange about the island on which they have landed. Clothing washes up on the shore that they recognize as their own but are certain they did not pack. Dark memories with a twist play like movies in the recesses of a cave they use as shelter. Together these individuals must rediscover themselves if they are to survive the elements and find reality.

Hunt does an astounding job of spinning together the lives of these old friends. From a car salesman with a dark secret to an actress struggling to maintain her spot on the screen, not for a second did any of these characters seem less than real. It is through their eyes that the reader comes to understand and pity the horror of their circumstances.

Though a work of fiction, Uncharted is realistic in the human traumas it explores. It is through the lives of Kevin, Susan, Mark, Lisa, and Karyn that the topics of materialism, beauty, power, compassion, and prestige are addressed. The book is effective in getting to the heart of these issues without ever crossing over and becoming preachy about them.

I found the book to be engaging and intriguing. It was easy to get caught up in trying to see around the bend to figure things out. Uncharted can’t be categorized as a mystery, but there is definitely a sense of suspense within the pages. When the key bafflement of the plot is resolved at the book’s alarming end, it will leave you pondering for a long time about what you have experienced and how your own life may have been reflected in parts of this novel. – Lauren Steigerwald, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

When three women learn that the camp of their youth is being shut down, these road warriors take to the streets--and interstates--in an old Winnebago to rescue their memories and restore the campsite. Little do they know that bears, chiggers, laughs, and love await them on the road ahead.