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Trade Paperback
368 pages
May 2005
WestBow Press


by Angela Hunt

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Glee has raised a young gorilla named Sema from birth using the research of others who worked with gorillas, teaching them to communicate with humans, and has taken it to a higher level. When Glee is in the middle of some exciting breakthroughs, the zoo that owns Sema and has been loaning her to Glee, wants her back.

The new zoo director sees only that Sema is an attraction. They offer Glee a job at the zoo, putting Sema on public display. Glee is furious but has no choice. She can take the job or lose Sema who is as beloved to her as a child. The job interferes with Semaís best interests at every turn--or at least thatís the way Glee sees it. On top of everyting, Fielding, the head of the gorilla exhibit, is a man Glee humiliated years before when his rigid rules nearly cost Sema her life. He is also a man she once thought she could love.

Unspoken is the second book by Angela Hunt Iíve read recently. The thing that springs to my mind is, Hunt is just unusually talented. Itís not the subject matter that catches you. Itís Huntís way of bringing the reader into the lives of her characters. Simply put, Hunt makes you care. I believe the woman could write about anything from the first man on the moon to a civil war romance to a text book and sheíd make you care. Glee is passionate and strong willed. Her investment in Semaís life is self-sacrificing until itís an obsession. She is also capable of suspicion and jealousy, as well as being undeniably brilliant.

Fielding cares deeply about gorillas. He is pressured by Glee on one side and the zoo director on the other. His life is a balancing act which he doesnít always hit just right. Any slips on his part are immediately viewed in the worst light by Glee, even while sheís remembering why she once cared for him.

The sum of the parts of this book simply adds up to more than the whole. The unexpected twists are too surprising to even hint at in this review because watching them unfold is so key to the enjoyment of the book.

Expect an engrossing, challenging journey through the pages of Unspoken, all while being pulled along on a fast ride through unlikely terrain. Absolutely excellent. Ė Mary Connealy, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Real-life scientists have been "speaking" with gorillas using American Sign Language for over thirty years. Now Angela Hunt explores the possibility of true communication between humans and animals in her exciting new novel.

For eight years, Glee Granger has taught, tended, and loved a young gorilla named Sema. When the zoo that owns the animal presses for custody, Glee is forced to surrender "her girl," Sema, to a captive environment, never dreaming that an experience in the zoo will change both their lives forever.

The Bible tells us that if we seek to know who made the earth, we need only "ask the animals." What might they say? Angela Hunt's exquisite story imagines an illuminating answer.