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Trade Paperback
192 pages
Feb 2004
W Publishing Group

Twentysomething : Surviving and Thriving in the Real World

by Margaret Feinberg

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"Curl up on a comfy chair, hot cup of cocoa in one hand and Twentysomething by Margaret Feinberg in the other and prepare to be encouraged. Reading this book inspires, comforts, and cautions ‘twentysomethings’ as we experience the changes and new responsibilities of surviving and thriving in the real world.

"Written from one ‘twentysomething’ to another, Margaret’s writing style is conversational and delightful to read. This book is not a self-help one, rather it’s a support group for twentysomethings. In addition to her own personal experience, the author includes quotes and advice from experts. Stories of other young adults’ experiences show that we are not the only ones who feel this way or experience these situations.

"Margaret addresses transitioning from the college environment to the working world, being single when all your friends are getting married, finances, pursuing your passion, taking care of yourself, and wrestling with hard, growth times.

"Twentysomething is refreshing, comforting, and equips twentysomethings for this wacky, amazing world." -- Leilani Wells, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

You are twentysomething and in the prime of your life. You are current, capable, cosmopolitan, and completely confused.

Thrust out of the comfortable existence of a college student and into the cold, hard reality of life in the "real world", you face a whole new array of responsibilities. You have to find a job, possibly relocate to a new city, find a place to live, figure out how to pay the bills with the entry-level salary you land, make new friends, and find a church (just to name a few)!

The good news is that you’re not alone. Margaret Feinberg—twentysomething herself—wants you to know that there are tens of thousands of others facing these same challenges. “Our twenties really can be some of the best years of our lives, no matter what our landlords, bosses, parents, or anyone else says,” encourages Feinberg.

Offering Scriptural insights, encouragement, humor, and practical wisdom, twentysomething confronts this “crisis” and shows you how to survive without losing your patience or your passion for life. twentysomething will inspire you to hold onto your dreams and to embark fearlessly on the journey God has for you.