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400 pages
Feb 2005
WestBow Press


by Ted Dekker

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Two menís lives are forever changed by one womanís death. Roth Braun knows Rachel Spritzerís legacy, one of the five legendary Stones of David, will help him finally atone for his fatherís mistake decades ago. Stephen Friedman survived the Holocaust as an infant, and is now a highly successful real estate agent in 1970s Los Angeles. Heís shocked when a note and the scar below his collarbone prove he is Rachelís son.

Stephen finds a floor safe with a curious inscription in his motherís basement as Braun closes the deal on his purchase of the building. Convinced the safe holds the other four Stones of David or some other treasure, Stephen tries to gain access to the vault with a growing obsession, but he is unknowingly stepping right into Braunís plan.

Alternating with this story is a tale from the past of two young Jewish women who find themselves pregnant and headed for the dreaded concentration camp of Toru. The commandant, Gerhard Braun, plays a slow game of allowing hope, then bringing death to the Jews under his fist. But hope is all Martha and Ruth have to cling to as they wonder if they and their babies will survive another day.

This novel paints a stirring picture of love verses evil, though some of the details of the evil are gruesome. The twisting plot, focused characters, detailed settings, and deep themes will not disappoint readers of Dekkerís earlier work. Recommended for both men and women who enjoy insightful thrillers. -- Katie Hart, Christian Book

Book Jacket:

Stephen Friedman is just inches away from everything he could ever desire.

Itís Los Angeles in the early seventies, and Stephen Friedman is living the groovy southern California life of a real estate wheeler-dealer. Heís making money hand-over-fist and has long ago given up hope of finding the family heíd lost in warn-torn Poland. But when a strange, deceased womanís papers reveal that she possessed a priceless religious relicóand that she may have been his motheróStephen becomes hungry for answers.

His hunger just might kill him. As Stephen frantically pursues his familyís lost legacy, someone pursues himósomeone equally obsessed with the prize. Looks like the man most obsessed will gain everything. And the loser will lose it all.

In true Ted Dekker style, Obsessed will leave you positively breathless.





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