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Trade Paperback
400 pages
Feb 2004
W Publishing Group

The Debt: The Story of a Past Redeemed

by Angela Hunt

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In The Debt by Angela Hunt, we meet Emma Rose Howard, the wife of television evangelist, Abel Howard. Over a period of twenty years Abel has built up an organization with outreaches around the world. Yet within Emma Rose, there is a rising discontent. Then she receives a message from her long-buried past.

As Emma Rose reaches out to embrace her pre-Christian years -- the struggles and heartache they held, the son they produced -- she hears God calling her back to the real ministry that He has given us all.

Suddenly, Emma Rose realizes "I have spent my entire adult life doing what I thought Christianity required me to do [instead of] walking with an ear cocked to hear the voice of God...In our quest to be holy and pure and protected, have we closed ourselves off from the people we need to be reaching?"

Through her son, Chris, Emma Rose's faith and ideas of ministry are challenged as only God can do it. Chris helps her to see, really see, the people and pain around her for the first time.

Will Abel understand when Emma Rose steps down from many of her duties to personally help the homeless, the drug addicts, the "lost?” God brought her from the streets. Now she needs to return the gift.

"But if I am going to devote myself to following God, I must be willing to leave the “good" things behind as I seek the best thing--total submission and obedience."

The Debt is a challenge to all Christians in regards to our service and obedience to God. It is a fast-paced, well-written fiction book with surprises laced throughout. It is written from a woman's viewpoint, but I think some men would also enjoy it as the theme is universal. -- Linda Demorest , Christian Book

Book Jacket:

When Emma first met Abel Howard, she was a woman with a past, a woman who had not always made all the right choices. But after twenty-five years of marriage to Able and with his world-renowned ministry career at its peak, she doesn’t often have a reason to dwell on things of the past.

Until Christopher Lewis—-the son she gave up for adoption years before—-arrives on her doorstep.

This young man’s entry into her life rocks Emma to the very core of her being, challenging everything she’s ever believed about God and His purposes for her.